What questions can be met during the installation of optical fiber distribution box?  Next, follow nbstarlite's China Fiber Optic Splice Closure Manufacturers to understand this aspect:

(1) not according to the requirements of drawings selection or selection is wrong.

(2) The iron sheet of the optical fiber distribution box body is too thin and its rigidity is poor, resulting in severe deformation of the shell and the facade, and too large sealing gap.

(3) The types and standards of electrical appliances of some in-box devices do not meet the description requirements.

(4) There is no grounding and zero bus, or the grounding and zero bus standard is too small to satisfy the application requirements.

(5) Some optical fiber distribution boxes are not blocked for maintenance, and some maintenance boards are not equipped with insulation or flame retardant materials.

For the above questions, we can choose:

(1) the demand is strictly in accordance with the drawings and relevant standards to order.  The appearance of the goods received should be checked in time, whether there is a factory certificate, whether the nameplate is correct, whether the accessories are complete, whether the insulation is incomplete, cracked, and whether the coating is intact.  Whether the types and standards of electrical appliances in the box meet the requirements of description.

(2) the optical fiber distribution box iron box thickness is consistent with the demand.

(3) Optical Fiber Distribution Box with grounding terminal board should be connected to the box body, the zero line terminal board should be insulated from the box body (total optical fiber distribution box outside), terminal board is made of rectangular bus bar greater than 2 times the maximum conductor cross section in the box (but the minimum cross section should be not less than 60mm2, thickness is not less than 3mm).  The materials used for the terminal board are copper products.