Barney’s Farm: Top-Notch Seeds and Exceptional Strains

Barney’s Farm is a highly regarded seed bank that has been producing premium cannabis strains for over 30 years. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the company is one of the most respected seed banks in the industry, producing unique genetics and exceptional strains. Not surprisingly, Rolling Buddy is now packed with Barney’s options in the best head shop in Malta! Top 8 Vape Juice Brands

History of Barney’s Farm

Derry, a cannabis enthusiast who travelled the worldbarney's-farm-seeds in search of the best marijuana strains established Barney’s Farm in the 1980s. Derry spent three years cross-breeding marijuana strains in the Himalayan mountains along with a group of fellow breeders. His commitment to finding the best genetics led him to create his own cannabis seed bank, Barney’s Farm. He eventually settled in Amsterdam in 1992, where he led Barney’s Coffee Shop and changed the marijuana industry for good.

Unique Strains

Barney’s Farm produces some of the best cannabis strains in the world. Their strains are carefully selected and bred to produce unique flavours and aromas that are sure to impress even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur. Some of their most popular strains include:

Tangerine Dream: A sativa-dominant strain with a citrusy flavour and uplifting effects.

Gorilla Zkittlez: An indica-dominant hybrid with high THC content and fruity flavour.

Wedding Cake: A hybrid strain with a sweet, vanilla-like flavour and relaxing effects.

They have options suitable for different growing environments, including indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing. Rolling Buddy’s head shop offers more than 50 Barney’s options which goes a long way to keeping top spot as Malta’s best head shop.

Dedication to Genetics

barneys-farm-maltaOne of the reasons for Barney’s Farm’s success is their dedication to finding the best genetics from around the world. They have travelled to countries such as Afghanistan, Thailand, and Colombia to find unique landrace strains to incorporate into their breeding programs. After hand-picking the best seeds he could find, Derry cross-bred the plants back to stabilise the strains again.

This dedication to finding the best genetics has allowed them to create some truly exceptional strains. Not to mention that, after 30 years, Barney’s Farm is still going strong giving us new strains regularly. Thanks to the landrace genetics collected by the team, the Farm’s Research Lab is able to keep coming up with industry shakers.

Award-Winning Strains

Barney’s Farm has won numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. Their strains are famously potent with a very high THC content, making them popular with both recreational and medicinal users. Some of their award-winning strains include:

Pineapple Chunk: A hybrid strain with a tropical flavour and relaxing effects. Winner of the 2009 Cannabis Cup.

Liberty Haze: A sativa-dominant strain with a citrusy flavour and energizing effects. Winner of the 2011 Cannabis Cup.

Cookies Kush: An indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet, earthy flavour and relaxing effects. Winner of the 2014 Cannabis Cup.

Barney’s Farm and the Community

Barney’s Farm also offers exceptional customer service and for giving back to the community. They offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of their products, compounded by Rolling Buddy’s stellar reputation in Malta.

Apart from that, Barney’s Farm is also committed to giving back to the community. They donate a portion of their profits to organizations that promote cannabis education and research. This commitment to giving back has helped make Barney’s Farm a popular choice among socially conscious consumers.

How do you get your hands on them?

It would be good at first to understand the difference between feminized andbarneys-farm-cannabis-seeds autoflowering seeds. The gender-specific seeds have actually been selectively bred to remove the male chromosomes producing only female plants. This is because male plants require a lot of pruning and upkeep, while the juicy fun stuff – the buds – are found in females.

Feminized seeds basically need lighting changes to trigger flowering, which is part of what makes growing a learning experience. That being said, there are also tonnes of autoflowering options. As the name implies, these seeds produce plants that change automatically to flowering plants. These are easier to care for with more limited space and equipment. Keep in mind though, feminized seeds do normally give better and more THC-rich yields.

Malta’s best head shop has a ridiculous amount of options to choose from the Barney’s Farm catalogue. Just to give you more of an idea of variation, the three most popular feminized seed strains are White Widow XXL, Watermelon Zkittlez and Tropicanna Banana. Meanwhile, the three most popular autoflowering seeds at the moment are LSD, Moby Dick, and Zkittlez OG. If you haven’t started already, there’s never been a better time to start your growing journey!

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