Three Options For ESD Flooring In Your Commercial Setting

The end point for electrostatic discharge (ESD) is often the floor. If there is a grounding, the charge can be relinquished on the ground. Esd Flooring

The same goes for your workshop or commercial flooring. Any work around electronics will mean the creation of ESD, something that needs to be supported. Our ESD flooring options can help to provide a better environment for your staff and ensure that your products are protected too.

At Anti Static ESD we work hard to offer high-quality, durable and industry-standard ESD Flooring options that will give you the best chance of improving your setting.

To help you find the right solution for your specific application, here are some of the options we provide and the difference they can make:

Elimistat ESD paint: Make sure that your surfaces are doing all that they can to dispel ESD by applying a layer of ESD paint.

Conductive floor mats: Bespoke sizes are available to keep your application protected from the dangers of ESD.

Interlocking ESD mats: We have an array of ESD and anti-fatigue floor tiles that can provide a dual purpose.

Conductive matting: Key areas of your business can be protected by this heavy-duty matting option.

If you would like to discover more about which ESD flooring is right for your needs, get in contact with us today.

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