The Weathered Map is a quest item that allows with completing Preceptor Seluvis' Questline in Elden Ring, and might simplest be acquired Eleden Ring Runes from two unique places, so here's where to tune down the Weathered Map.

Elden Ring is an motion RPG developed by way of FromSoftware and posted with the aid of Bandai Namco Entertainment that follows the adventure of the Tarnished, a warrior banished from the Lands Between who has back due to the steering of Grace. The titular Elden Ring has shattered, and diverse Demigods have claimed the fragments. The Tarnished should are trying to find out the Great Runes, Fragments of the Elden Ring, if you want to ascend to the throne as Elden Lord.

The Weathered Map is a means of finding a precious object referred to as Maber Starlight, which is requested through Preceptor Seluvis for the duration of his questline. Allegedly it could be used to produce a potion that would flip even a demigod right into a puppet, which sounds quite ominous. The map isn't necessary to finish the questline, however serves as a beneficial aid in locating the Amber Starlight.

The Weathered Map can be purchased from Pidia, Carian Servant. This NPC may be discovered in the Caria Manor area after finishing the Manor via defeating the boss. Since defeating the boss in Caria Manor is essential to reach Preceptor Seluvis besides, this shouldn't be a lot of a hassle. To Buy Eleden Ring Runes attain Pidia, gamers want to locate the spot in the Three Sisters location, on the west facet of the Manor wherein they could drop right into a previously inaccessible portion of the Manor. This place may be seen at the map above.