WoW is the same uninspiring grindfest that it has always been. It is designed to manipulate and condition your brain. These WOW Classic TBC Gold designs are both harmful and totally illegal. You're just a lab rat for these companies who never stop looking for ways to attract people, and keep making money and playing time out of their customers. WoW isn't the pathway to a happy, fulfilled life. It's usually only temporary relief that you'll spend more money on later. It is unlikely to result in different outcomes than it has in the past. You already are aware of the outcomes that occurred for you.

You are able to delete the account that you created during summer. You haven't really let go but you're hanging on. It's regrettable that you were hooked so young and during your early years. This makes it harder. This makes it more difficult, yet it is also satisfying to beat this addiction. Because it means something. It is inevitable that you will stop WoW for good but the question is what percentage of your life and your potential to give up for Blizzard and a 17 year old game before you actually quit (or you are forced to).

It could be worthwhile looking for assistance from an outside source. Someone you know will is accountable to you, and being there whenever you have to talk to someone, could be crucial in avoiding things you aren't able to manage.

They offered you the choice to keep your character in the vanilla realms, which is Naxx or move your character through the Dark Portal to the TBC expansion.

Naturally, 99% of the players progressed to TBC since there's no new material in vanilla.

Certain characters remain vanilla. Additionally, they are rolling out Season of Mastery which is mostly vanilla with a 12 month repeated cycle that will likely replace classic servers.

We're assuming they'll update the TBC servers to Wrath classic like they did for the previous expansion, with possibly the option of keeping your characters on the dead TBC servers.

I'm looking into getting back into WoW (was big into it up until the beginning of Cataclysm). I loved WotLK from the beginning to the end and am considering switching to Classic or Classic TBC. I'm confused as to how the Classic and Classic TBC work- If I create characters in Classic does this mean I'll not be able to use this character for Classic TBC content? If I create an Classic TBC character and they create Classic WotLK will I not be able to use this character for Classic WotLK content? I don't understand how these old games progress, and I would appreciate it if someone could clarify things for me.

The current classic server comes of the classic period. It's intentionally stuck on the Naxx patches. TBC is cheap WOW TBC Gold an advanced server in phase 2 with T5 content out. We will almost certainly progress to Wrath although there is no official announcement yet.