In the classic version of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK), if you're on the hunt for WotLK Classic Gold, Goldclover is a herb you can't afford to miss. Introduced to the Herbalism profession, Goldclover plays a pivotal role in various alchemical recipes we'll be covering. Additionally, players with the newly introduced Inscription profession in WotLK can mill Goldclover for valuable pigments.

Where to Find Goldclover in WotLK Classic

Goldclover can be discovered in several regions within Northrend. You'll encounter it in Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Grizzly Hills, and Sholazar Basin. If you're specifically targeting Goldclover, our top pick among these options is Borean Tundra. It boasts an efficient route with spawn points distributed along the path. In this guide, we've extensively covered all four of these zones, providing spawn point locations and suggested primary and secondary farming routes where necessary.

Best Goldclover Farming Route - Howling Fjord

For Goldclover farming in Howling Fjord, we present two recommended routes, as illustrated on the map below.

- The orange route covers the most efficient path for Goldclover. You should be able to return to the starting point just as the herbs start to respawn.

- Alternatively, you can incorporate the grey route into your farming plan if you find yourself completing the orange route before Goldclover has had a chance to respawn.

Best Goldclover Farming Route - Borean Tundra

In Borean Tundra, we have a single suggested route, which forms a convenient circuit where you can consistently find Goldclover.

Grizzly Hills Goldclover Farming Route

In Grizzly Hills, we recommend two routes. The orange route runs along the western side of the region, while the grey route hugs the eastern side. You can merge these routes for a larger circuit, but sticking to one may result in more Goldclover respawning before you complete your circuit.

Sholazar Basin Goldclover Farming Route

While Goldclover can be found in Sholazar Basin, it's generally considered less efficient for Goldclover farming compared to the other regions we've mentioned. However, if you plan to also gather Tiger Lily and Adder's Tongue, it might still be worth considering as part of your route.

Recipes Goldclover is Used In

Goldclover is a key ingredient in many alchemical recipes, some of which are listed below. For a comprehensive guide to WotLK Alchemy, feel free to explore our full guide [insert link here]. Hover over each item name to view the ingredients required for each craft.

Milling Goldclover for Inscription

If you've embraced the Inscription profession, you can mill Goldclover, much like other herbs, to obtain pigments. In the world of WoW Classic WotLK, Goldclover is your ticket to WotLK Gold. Whether you're crafting alchemical elixirs or gathering pigments for Inscription, these farming routes and insights will help you amass a treasure trove of Goldclover in the Northrend region. Don't miss out on this opportunity; embark on your gathering journey and accumulate a wealth of Goldclover!