However, businesses should be 2k22 mt aware of the dangers of entering into a new business like esports. The idea was first referred to by Andre Iguodala, a former Golden State Warrior who is now a well-known tech entrepreneur as well as a former Golden State Warrior. For the NBA it was a risk that was worth taking. "It's built into the NBA's brand and the 2K brand to be innovative" Donohue explains, adding that the NBA owners "realise the future , and this is going to increase. So , I think there's more risk to not doing it rather than doing it.

The fears that esports could been a fringe idea engaging hardcore gamers but perhaps with limited commercial appeal beyond that, have proven not to be true. Forbes stated last year that global earnings from esports were projected to exceed $1.1bn in 2019.

Donohue has explained that, even over the last three years, the three seasons in which I have been talking have changed dramatically from what they were prior to when the league was established. Kirk Lacob, Warriors Assistant Manager, recently told me that esports was "absolutely beginning to mature".

Donohue discusses the benefits of a league that is controlled by the NBA office in regards to getting partners. "The benefit that comes with having the NBA 2K brand, is that we've built amazing relationships with many of these partners . Therefore, we tend to hold their hands and guide them through eSports. We assist them in understanding the best ways to utilize eSports to increase the visibility of their brands."

Another benefit companies that which the NBA 2K League has, is that the sport is familiar. Donohue states that esports can sometimes be a challenge for people. "You don't have to play in order to enjoy our games. If you understand basketball you'll know what it is," Donohue says.

It's also typical to find advertisements in the game. "It's totally normal to watch basketball and see courtside signs and brands integrated into the experience in this way, it would be more strange to cheap Nba 2k22 Mt not observe that." According to Donohue, the game is out, it permits partners "to become a part of the virtual experience."