For NBA 2K League, there are no 2k22 mt limitations. Donohue says "There's so many greenfields the way of expanding internationally. It's also growing the game around the world." This season , the NBA 2K League welcomed their first international expansion team called the Gen.G Tigers from Shanghai. They also conducted tryouts at Seoul, Hong Kong, and London. "We're looking to continue to recruit international players who we're aware exist." Donohue says. "It's certainly part of our plan for an European division, and we also have an Asia Pacific division," Donohue added. He said that "it's more a question of when, rather than the question of if."

But it's not just about being able to reach an international audience. Until the coronavirus pandemic hit, Donohue explains the NBA 2K League's goal for the current season was "getting closer to our local markets, and then bringing the 2k League experience to our teams and to their supporters locally." The Warriors showcased what this might look like during their training camp, with players relaxing by taking part in an NBA 2K game that was shown in the Chase Center's massive scoreboard.

"The most appealing aspect of esports I can only imagine Magic Gaming can do it from Disney, or the Knicks could play this by using the Statue of Liberty," Donohue envisages."You can see games played in different ways that make the brand come to life." As the NBA 2K League begins to prepare for its fourth season and is gaining a base of players, established partnerships and a gruelling tryout process to find the top players no matter where they are, the world is certainly to be their oyster.

Perspective: 19 ways NBA 2K can be improved

It has a solid reputation in the video game of basketball. There is only one competitor to 2K with the name of NBA Live. NBA Live's inconsistent release schedule has been a reason that 2K has been the dominant player in the last five or six years. This dominance has resulted in records numbers for 2K Sports and Take-Two Interactive, but the game itself has not been much improved over the past few years. The gameplay is plagued with bugs and issues that were found in previous versions. Players who invest $60 per year for the game will be disappointed with the game was created with minimal attention to detail.

NBA 2K20 is arguably the most disappointing release of the series after NBA 2K8. The gameplay was very basic. It was almost like the game's developers were taking NBA 2K19 and painted it. They then released the product under the name NBA 2K20. The only thing that changed in the game was the quantity of ads that were displayed over MyCareer and the Park. I believe that NBA 2K can produce an excellent game. The problems that must be fixed are relatively minor. Each of the suggestions can improve the cheap Nba 2k22 Mt game as the whole. 2K is a solid starting point but it is in need of some enhancements.