Welcome back to the immersive world of New World! With a year full of content updates and quality-of-life changes, Sulfur Sands was highly anticipated ahead of release. It is worth mentioning that if we want to have fun in the game, we must pay attention to New World Gold Farming.

New World Unleashes Brimstone Sands Expansion

The long-awaited Brimstone Sands expansion has finally arrived in New World, bringing a plethora of exciting additions. Among them is a revamped starting experience, introducing players to the mysterious Brimstone Sands zone, tailored for characters level 60 and above. The update also introduces the mighty Great Sword, a versatile weapon that complements various playstyles alongside the Sword, Bow, or Warhammer.

Key Highlights from the Patch Notes

  1. The Ennead Expedition: Explore the new zone and undertake the Ennead Expedition, promising thrilling adventures that we'll cover in an upcoming guide.
  2. New Starting Quests: Experience a fresh early leveling journey with revamped starting quests. Additionally, leveling has become more accessible, with a significant reduction in experience requirements for levels 45 and above.
  3. Great Sword Unleashed: Discover the power of the Great Sword, a formidable addition to your arsenal, boasting effectiveness and versatility in combat.
  4. Heartgems - Ultimate Abilities: Unleash powerful "Ultimate" abilities with Heartgems such as Detonate, Grasping Vines, Stoneform, Cannon Blast, and Dark Ascent.
  5. Quests, Quality of Life, and Mutator Tweaks: Hundreds of fixes and tweaks enhance the overall gaming experience, including changes to Mutator scoring, making it more rewarding at lower levels and adjusting AI behavior for solo players.
  6. Rapier Nerfs: Meta Rapier builds have seen significant nerfs, altering the trigger conditions for Allegro and Breathe, making them activate only after evading an attack, and introducing several adjustments to Riposte.
  7. Perk Adjustments: Various perks, like Empowering Explosive Arrow and Keenly, no longer persist on weapon swap, and Shifting Energy has been nerfed, providing 15 stamina instead of 20, with a cooldown and reduced range.
  8. Balanced Gear Score in Outpost Rush: Gear Score is now balanced in Outpost Rush, ensuring a fair playing field for all participants.
  9. Locked Taxes for Territories: Taxes for housing, crafting, refining, and trade are now locked at set percentages.

These are just a few highlights from the extensive patch notes, underscoring the depth of changes and improvements introduced with Brimstone Sands. For a more in-depth look, head over to the official website and delve into the complete patch notes.

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