For me, it's like it's fun. I'm not going to discuss the reasons I love it however I did am not the only one engaged in RP for fun. If you're wanting to join RP realms, I believe the way to go is Felice for NA they're playing on Melodeath and it's on the PvE server WoW Classic SoD Gold . I'm hoping that they move back to the PvP server since I think RP PvP is really amazing. There's so much stuff that can be done using it.

So I truly hope that the RP community decides to go towards PvP servers in lieu. And I really do think when they realize that PvE servers aren't going to be able to handle the number of players that they believe they'll be able to switch back, to the initial issue regarding Eagle which is why the Eagle and massive soccer. On the EU aspect actually have comparable numbers but the issue is that when the person who originally made an initial PvP server discord for Europeans they actually changed the discord to a giant stalker after the PvE server was released.

The numbers were originally already there for the PvP server. Then they switched it into the PvE server because Blizzard announced the PvE server later on after several people posted to the forums and sort of created a stir about it so they have similar numbers to the old one. There could exist accounts in this PvE server for EU huge stalkers on discord and were initially there since they believed it was an official PvP server.

You can see that the numbers are pretty close because they are I'm thinking 1500 to like 1300 1200 or something similar. The numbers are close there. As far as Sky theory and Melodeath goes, sky theory's the PvP server and Melodeath is the PvE server. These numbers aren't as comparable to the PvE PvE piece earlier, but has 2200 members 900 currently active, and for the first few days following the announcement this is really excellent as the numbers you read are very impressive numbers.

These numbers are more impressive than some numbers by like a longshot melodeath only has 300 players online and 641 total total numbers I don't believe it's the best choice to choose PvE for NA I don't think these servers are going to be around forever, but they are definitely the possibilities for you.

I believe both PvP servers are going to push you to enjoy yourself honestly guys, the playing, ganking and the rest of it it only really happens in the span of a few days or weeks later and if you're up to levels 30 and 40, and the PvP then is such a blast it truly is fun and enjoyable to participate with the faction balance. It already seems a very very clean down the road and that is the fact that Alliance has better PvP racials but there's less PvP on Alliance which means that Alliance plays very well buy WoW Classic SoD Gold , I believe that when Alliance is given a slight boost, there's less players playing on Alliance.