So why does Green think the Moncler project works so well What's kept him coming back for more (six times) "As a designer, I always think it's equally important to have an accessible reality to what you're doing, or a version that can be accessed. But it's also important to make people Moncler Sale think, or push it forward in some way." Moncler asks its customers to do both, he said. Plus, Moncler chairman Remo Ruffini is really, truly dedicated to developing new ideas, "and I think he allows for those ideas in a way that makes sense for each designer," said Green.

After finishing the central exhibit, I moved on to Spazio Maiocchi, one of the city's hotspots for fashion and design. Right there was The Dune, an installation that included a mountain of red earth inspired by the torrid desert vistas of Santa Fe. Entering the installation, one found helmets, Texan boots, blankets, magazines - all a paraphernalia of authentic vintage pieces found and chosen in collaboration with Mask, a Santa Fe vintage shop, while, on the wall, there was a mix of Moncler garments hung together with vintage and collectible pieces.

During an intense boom - boom - boom of collection viewings almost as remorseless as the techno that DJ Pandora's jukebox was playing outside, Will Smith rolled up (and shook my hand!) as we were talking to Moncler's mastermind Remo Ruffini in a room designed to look like Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and created to shoot the fabulous Richard Quinn collection (number 8). In total there were 12 collections on show in tonight's third installment - is Genius going to keep on growing Said Ruffini: "Maybe not in terms of designers, but in terms of energy I want it to get bigger and bigger and bigger. I think the brand has changed thanks to the energy this project has given us.