There are many exciting content in Path of Exile, giving players the opportunity to buy POE Currency and play in this free action RPG game. But some time ago, there was a new patch aimed at fixing various errors. Many players have discovered these errors and attracted attention. The developers have also carried out regular fixes for some specific problems of the console, and various creatures in the game have also changed.

Console specific changes. GGG made some changes to the console. They added access to unlimited Hideout Decorations through the Decorations Tab in Personal and Guild Hideouts. Besides some console-specific errors that have been eliminated, including: the order of Stash Tabs is not preserved. Tradeboard filter to be reset between searches. Sulphite’s Subterranean Chart is not displayed. Metamorph Vat cannot be started. They fixed a client crash that may occur during Beastcrafting.

Scourge improvements. Scourge itself has been adjusted, Scourged items and Scourged map have been changed. Scourged items can no longer produce disadvantages that directly offset their advantages. Items with “Added Physical Damage” cannot produce “Deal no Physical Damage” as a disadvantage. Of course, players can also prepare enough POE Currency to buy some useful POE Items.

The Scourged Map modifier, which also allows players to switch to Nightmare when they reach their maximum health, will now slightly reduce their health over time, although it has reduced the amount of health lost when killing natural disaster monsters to 0.4%. Now, when players are removed from Nightmare, it will also cause them to lose all their blood. There are more content players can follow the official website, interested players can Buy POE Currency in advance to adapt to the game.