Navigating the intricate web of quests within Throne and Liberty requires a strategic approach to maximize rewards and progression. From prioritizing storyline quests to tackling guild endeavors, understanding the hierarchy of quests is paramount for success in the game.

In Throne and Liberty, quests come in various forms, each with its own set of challenges, rewards such as TL Lucent, and conditions for completion. While some quests offer substantial rewards, others may require group cooperation or specific character capabilities to conquer.

Purple Quests

At the outset, it's advisable to focus primarily on the quests integral to advancing the game's storyline. These quests, marked with a distinctive purple icon, not only provide significant experience but also offer essential gear parts, accessories, and weapons crucial for character progression. Additionally, completing storyline quests unlocks valuable equipment enhancement stones, accessories, and weapon upgrade materials, further strengthening your character's arsenal.

Daily Contracts

Following the completion of storyline quests, attention should turn to daily contracts. These contracts, acquired upon leveling up, offer essential rewards such as Sollant, experience points, equipment upgrade stones, and skill enhancement books. Prioritizing contracts, especially those offering skill enhancement books, is advisable to bolster your character's abilities effectively.


Participation in events also holds significant importance, as it often rewards players with essential resources for character development, such as skill enhancement book materials. Additionally, guild quests play a vital role in guild growth, offering rewards like coins for restoring lost experience and guild coins for purchasing Mana potions. Active participation in guild quests ensures a steady influx of rewards and benefits for guild members.

After attending to storyline quests, contracts, events, and guild quests, players may consider tackling additional quests if time permits. These quests offer various rewards, including experience points, Sollant, character transformations, and titles. However, they may come with specific conditions or unclear descriptions, requiring careful attention and exploration to complete successfully.

Boss Tower Runs and Raid Quests

Boss tower runs and raid quests present formidable challenges best approached once players have reached the maximum level and acquired superior equipment. While these quests offer unique opportunities to obtain rare equipment and weapons, they may prove daunting for inexperienced players or those lacking suitable gear and tactics.

How to complete the challenge?

Mastering the art of quest prioritization is essential for navigating the dynamic world of Throne and Liberty. By focusing on storyline quests, contracts, events, guild quests, and additional quests in a systematic manner, players can optimize their progression and unlock the full potential of their characters.

The arduous nature of questing in Throne and Liberty becomes apparent early on, as players face formidable foes and intricate challenges. From deciphering cryptic clues to overcoming powerful adversaries, each quest presents a unique set of obstacles that test the player's skills and resourcefulness.

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