My Hero Academia Shoes UK
Impromptu Kill, Comet Home Run
In the human-to-human indoor combat training, the updraft generated by Green Valley interrupts the weighing pillar, and then exerts its own weightless ability on the pillar as a move of a baseball bat hitting the gravel to rush towards the enemy.
Meteor shower
During the Xiongying Sports Festival, the moves used against Bakugo, using Bakugo’s explosion to destroy the ground, and the rubble generated when destroying the ground continues to accumulate, and then use the personality to float all the rubbles and then lift them to the target.
Sneak and agile
Use personality to make yourself into a state of weightlessness and move quietly.
Combat suit
The clothing of the future style was specially designed by the support company in accordance with Liri’s request. However, Liri did not write down the requirements clearly, resulting in a tights style. I think it is very shy to wear.
Liri’s helmet can reduce the stimulation of the semicircular canals. The neckline is designed to stimulate the acupuncture points around the neck, which can relieve headaches and other problems. The wristband has a built-in mechanism similar to a blood pressure monitor that can or may not be compressed. The acupuncture points that can suppress the vomiting are stimulated. The boots are designed to be on the ground from a height. The front sole uses shock-absorbing cushioning materials. The shoe clamps have strong springs, which can also be used to cushion shocks.