Two honorable mentions of cheap OSRS GP specific weapons. DRAGON Hunter Crossbow. It is a similar weapon to Dragon Crossbow in terms of characteristics, however it provides the most impressive bonus of 30% to damage when fighting Dragons. It is the greatest weapon for farming these beasts and for the reason that costs over 100mil.

It is the best final game boss weapon that can be Ranged on RuneScape. It requires level 75 to handle. It acts differently than other Ranged weapons which have an established strength for their attacks. Twisted Bow scales its damage and accuracy basing on Magic Level of your opponent. It is because of this, it's best for fighting bosses, but not as effective during normal training. Because it special effect is so desired it costs over 1 billion dollars.

Gloves, Armor and Legs - For your chest piece, begin with Leather Armor. At the 20th level, Ranged/Defense can change it to Studded Leather and after level 30 , you are able to wear Snakeskin Armor. At level 40 you can start wearing D'hides. Green is the weakest color you'll need to do the Dragon Slayer quest.

If you're not keen to wear it, wait until you are at level 50 before you wear Blue D'hide instead. Then, every 10 levels, move to the next one that are black and red. If you're still able to spend money at 70 Ranged/Defence , you can begin wearing Armadyl, which is one of the top Range gears on the market. Greatest is also the cost as you'll have to pay nearly 100mil to purchase the entire set. In the case of gloves, you should always wear best Vambraces you have the option of putting on. if you have completed Recipe for Disaster quest you can also get Barrows gloves that are the best in the slot.

Cape - Ava's device is always the best rs gold 2007 option since it can significantly increase your Ranged stats . It will also help you take advantage of Arrows, bolts, and thrown weapons. You can unlock it with Animal Magnetism quest. Prior to reaching 50 Ranged, you'll receive Ava's Attractor which later will be upgraded at Ava NPC and upgraded to the Accumulator. Once you've completed Dragonslayer 2 quest you can also get Ava's Assembler which is the most powerful Ranged cape slot item in the game.