Distributed Operating System Market – Introduction

  • A distributed operating system is a software which is a collection of distinct computational nodes that are networked, independent, and communicating in order to perform certain operations
  • The distributed operating system manages the jobs that are serviced by multiple processing units. Every distinct node holds a precise software subset of the global collective operating system. Each subset is a composite of two distinct service provisions.
  • The first subset is a universal kernel, also called as microkernel, which directly controls the hardware associated with that node. Second subset is the high level assembly of components for system management that coordinate the node’s collaborative and individual activities. These mechanisms abstract microkernel functions and facilitate user applications.

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Need of Multiprocessing in Computing Drives Distributed Operating System Market

  • Need of multiprocessing is necessary for faster and advanced computing. Faster system management and task management can be achieved with the help of distributed operating system.
  • Distributed operating system assures process management and resource management in case of multiple threads or tasks in process
  • Easy inter process communication (IPC) can be achieved with distributed operating system. Reliability, availability, and high performance are assured by the distributed operating system.
  • Synchronization of multiple parallel tasks that are assigned by the system for processing is also done by the distributed operating system.
  • Flexibility of time and resources assigned for the computation of task can be taken care of with the distributed operating system
  • Failure can be detected easily with distributed operating system
  • The distributed operating system can be deployed on cloud as well on-premise. This makes the processing flexible as per the user requirement.
  • Sharing of resources becomes easier when distributed operating system is used as it offers assigning of the resources according to the priority of the task while multiple tasks are running in parallel

Need of Faster Computing Drives Distributed Operating System Market

  • Faster computing is required in any system these days
  • The multi-tasking systems often need a system that processes tasks or threads faster based on the priority. All the systems these days have distributed operating systems as faster processing and computing is need of the hour.
  • Hence, this is expected to drive the distributed operating system market during the forecast period

North America to Hold Major Share of Global Distributed Operating System Market

  • The global distributed system market can be segmented into South America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa
  • North America is expected to account for major share of the global distributed operating system market during the forecast period, due to advancements in technology and need of higher processing and computation in the region
  • The major shareholder, the U.S., results in rising share of North America in the distributed operating system market

Global Distributed Operating System Market – Competitive Landscape

Key Players Operating in Global Distributed Operating System Market

  • Red Hat
  • Mesosphere
  • Core OS
  • Hadean Supercomputing Ltd.
  • Penguin Computing
  • Nimbix, Inc.
  • Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.
  • SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.

Global Distributed Operating System Market: Research Scope

Global Distributed Operating System Market, by Type

  • Cloud Operating System
  • Container Operating System