In the process of electricity, although people noticed that the power cord material cross-sectional area the size of the safe use of electric, but are often used for joint insulation personalization personalization tape seriously enough. Power line installation is more and more complex, now go under the wood floor, wall, diaphragm and damp underground or in the water. If the insulation bra measuring tape customization personalized custom tape use undeserved, will happen leakage, endanger personal safety. So we should correct use of insulation personalization personalization tape, the power cord connection points "+" connection, "-", "T" connection. Joint should be bound tightly, smooth and no burr, otherwise, before the thread broken, should press gently with combination pliers, first round to the inlet pressure, then side, thread will break in disconnect joint. If the joint in a dry place, should be with black tape wrapped around 2 insulation layer, then wrap plastic personalization personalization tape 2 layer, then stretched around 200%, with insulation adhesive belt around 2 ~ 3 layers, finally put 2 layers of plastic personalization personalization tape.
Because of the large direct use garment measuring tape of plastic personalization tape shortcomings: plastic personalization tape over time does easy dislocation, glue; Electrical load weight, fever, joint plastic personalization tape is easy to melt contraction; Mains connections in the terminal box mutual extrusion, connector have burr, it is easy to plunge into plastic personalization tape, etc. The hidden danger will directly endanger the personal safety, caused by short circuit, causing a fire. And use black insulation tape will not appear the above situation, it has a certain strength, flexibility, can tightly around tapping for a long time, affected seamstress measuring tape by time and temperature and compact shape, will not fall off, and flame retardant. Moreover, with black insulation tape wrapped plastic can customize tape again after moisture, rust. Insulating adhesive tape, of course, also have defects, the waterproof performance is good but it is easy to break, so I need to put on 2 layers of plastic personalization tape as a protective layer, the insulation of the joint and the joint adhesive with each other is not sticky, better performance. Anticorrosion personalization tape used to winding use adhesive tape, and hot and cold wind belt belt, cold wind zone generally includes polyethylene (compound) type anticorrosive personalization tape, polypropylene anti-corrosion personalization reinforcing fiber tape, aluminum foil uv anticorrosive personalization tape, PE type 660 (modified bitumen) personalization tape, double-sided adhesive anticorrosive with (the personalization tape at home with little, but very practical very widely abroad, usually for export) and epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion personalization tape. Execution standard SY/T0414-98 and SY/T0447-96. Hot wind and radiation crosslinked polyethylene heat shrinkable winding belt, in use process need heat to make glue can only be used, and the need to assist in solvent-free epoxy coating to become three layer structure anticorrosion, executive standard of SY/T0413-2002.