Calcium Sulphate Market Overview:

The global Calcium Sulphate Market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6% over the period 2022-2028, with the revenue estimated to be USD 2.8 billion in 2021. Calcium sulfate (CaSO4) is an odorless white crystalline powder with a melting point of 1400C, occurring naturally as anhydrous and hydrated powder. Anhydrous calcium sulfate is found as anhydrite while hydrated calcium sulfate is found in fly alabaster or gypsum. Calcium sulfate comes in a variety of forms, including selenate, satin, streetlight, tribal, and satin. When heated, calcium sulfate loses water molecules and forms a hemihydrate commonly known as gypsum (POP) in flies. POPs are agglomerated by adding water such as molds, band-aids and partitions. Calcium sulfate is also used as a soil conditioner in agriculture, as a coating in the paper industry, as a desiccant in chemical laboratories, and as a coloring pigment in paints.

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Market Segmentations:

By the end-user, the calcium sulphate market is segmented into pharmaceuticals & healthcare, construction, agriculture, food and beverages, chemicals, and others. Pharmaceuticals and the healthcare industry will see substantial growth due to higher usage of calcium sulphate in inactive tablet excipient, color glazing, and as a binding agent. Moreover, the construction industry is projected to hold a steady market share owing to the rising usage of calcium sulphate in the building and construction industry like cement, floor screeds, and ceramics. By geography, the calcium sulphate market is segmented into North America, South America, Middle Asia and Africa, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific region is expected to show significant growth during the forecast period owing to rapid industrialization and the presence of natural gypsum reservoirs. The rising usage of calcium sulphate in the chemical industry as colorants, coating agents in the paper, drying agents, and the anti-caking agent is further fueling its demand in the region.  Furthermore, the market will escalate owing to the growing urbanization and construction in the budding economies of the region. Additionally, North America holds a substantial share in the calcium sulphate market due to its large pharmaceuticals and manufacturing industries..

Segments Overview:

The Calcium Sulphate Market is segmented as below:

By Form Type

PC Anhydrous


By End Use Industry




Inactive tablet excipient

Binding agent

Color glazing



Ore Mining



Coating Agent

Drying Agent

Anti-caking Agent


Global Cable Detector Market: Regional Segment Analysis

North America

The U.S.





Asia Pacific




Latin America


Middle East and Africa

A Selection of COMPANIES mentioned in this report includes:

Neelkanth Chemicals

Noah Technologies Corporation

Nikunj Chemicals

Hebei Xingtai Shuanghua Gypsum Products

GLC Minerals


JRS Pharma

Market by Type

Hydrated Type

Anhydrous Type

Market by Application



Ore mining



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Table of Contents

Part 1 Market Overview

1.1 Market Definition

1.2 Market Development

1.2.1 Current Situation

1.2.2 Aspects of COVID-19 Impact

1.3 By Type

Table Type of Calcium Sulphate

Figure Global Calcium Sulphate Market Share by Type in 2020

1.4 By Application

Table Application of Calcium Sulphate

Figure Global Calcium Sulphate Market Share by Application in 2020

1.5 By Region

Figure Global Calcium Sulphate Market Share by Region in 2020

Figure Asia Calcium Sulphate Market Share by Region in 2020

Part 2 Key Companies

2.1 Neelkanth Chemicals

2.1.1 Company Profile

Table Neelkanth Chemicals Overview List

2.1.2 Products & Services Overview

2.1.3 Sales Data List

Table Calcium Sulphate Business Operation of Neelkanth Chemicals (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin)

2.2 Noah Technologies Corporation

2.3 Nikunj Chemicals

2.4 Hebei Xingtai Shuanghua Gypsum Products

2.5 GLC Minerals

2.6 Solvay

2.7 JRS Pharma

Part 9 Market Features

9.1 Product Features

9.2 Price Features

9.3 Channel Features

9.4 Purchasing Features

Part 10 Investment Opportunity

10.1 Regional Investment Opportunity

10.2 Industry Investment Opportunity

PART 11 Coronavirus Impact

11.1 Impact on Industry Upstream

11.2 Impact on Industry Downstream

11.3 Impact on Industry Channels

11.4 Impact on Industry Competition

11.5 Impact on Industry Obtain Employment

Part 12 Conclusion

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