There are surprises in shoe shape, material, and appearance! New Jordans Release 2022 The official image of the new "washed tannin" Dunk is exposed! In the past two years, the popularity of Dunk has been obvious to all, and Nike is also constantly introducing a variety of rich color schemes for players to choose from. The appearance of Dunk High and Dunk Low in various color schemes will inevitably make people a little overwhelmed.
The recently exposed pair of "washed tannins" Nike Dunk High finally has a different new idea. The whole pair of shoes adopts the relatively rare Dunk High 1985 shoe type, the midsole is thicker than the ordinary Dunk Hi, and the heel curve is larger. Washed and faded canvas forms the frame of the shoe, and the edges are brushed for a strong retro vibe. The denim frame is edged with light blue stitching, which further enriches the layers of the shoe body and brings a little handcrafted style. With a distressed yellow textured midsole and gray-blue rubber outsole, it echoes the design of the upper. The overall appearance is simple and elegant, and there is a hint of "fairy spirit". It is quite capable of playing in Dunk. Whether it is boys or girls, it can be easily controlled.
At present, the new Nike Dunk High 1985 "Blue Denim" is on sale, priced at $98, and friends who like it may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports!
Nike Dunk High 1985 "Blue Denim"
Item number: DQ8799-101