Luo Kai nodded: "I promised to write a song for Su Yunzhen, and I will go to her side to have a look later." Li Mengru beamed: "That's great!" Although it is a guest appearance, it can undoubtedly be regarded as a bright spot in publicity, which adds a lot of color to the film. Su Yunzhen is a first-line actress with a strong appeal in the market. She encouraged: "Then you really have to write a song for her, this favor is very heavy, I have to thank Mo Lan later..." Pow! As if waking up from a dream, Li Mengru clapped her hands and said, "I can let Mo Lan be the leading actress!" She had been thinking about tapping potential internally, but neglected one of the best candidates! Chapter 304 which is more important? "General Manager Li." As a director, Shao Honghui had to pour cold water on Li Mengru's idea that she had a flash of inspiration and was excited about it: "I'm afraid our budget is a problem if we invite Mo Lan to be the leading actress." Due to the booming domestic film market, the remuneration of actors is increasing year by year, and the first-and second-tier actors do not worry about filming at all, so the price is getting higher and higher, which has had a considerable impact on the industry. For example, Zhou Fei, the highest-paid actress, offers about 50 million yuan for a film, while the top actor is even higher, reaching 80 million yuan. The consequence of such a high salary is that most of the investment budget of a domestic blockbuster is spent on the salary of actors. Although the market appeal of big stars is beyond doubt, it is also an indisputable fact that the production level of domestic films is burdened by the salary of stars. There is no lack of controversy in the industry. But this is also the law of the market, such as Zhou Fei, want to ask her to make a film project investors a lot,metal stamping parts, she can shoot a year is limited, of course, can only choose the best, choose the price to choose, who offered a high price for whom to shoot, Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai. Mo Lan as a first-line female star, although her main job is a singer, but tens of millions of fans on Feixun blog are not brushed out,deep draw stamping, if she is asked to play the leading actress in "Pursuit", the salary is a big problem. Shao Honghui's idea must be correct, but Li Mengru said with a smile, "You don't have to worry about this. Anyway, I have a way to invite her. Now the problem is solved!" As she spoke, she looked at Luo Kai with a smile. Luo Kai ignored her eyes. Shao Honghui is doubtful, but if he can invite Mo Lan to join in, it will undoubtedly greatly promote the box office performance of the film, and of course he is happy to see its success. After solving a big problem, Li Mengru was in a good mood. She said to Luo Kai, "There's nothing else. Aren't you going to Su Yunzhen?"? It's almost over. Don't keep people waiting. Luo Kai nodded and took out his cell phone to call Su Yunzhen. Su Yunzhen gave him contact information yesterday. Ring a few times, the phone was connected: "Luo Kai, I am waiting for your call!" " Luo Kai laughed and said, "I'm coming over now. Is it convenient for you?" "It's very convenient. Come here quickly. I'm in the company now. Call me when you arrive and I'll come down to pick you up." “OK。” After talking to Su Yunzhen, Luo Kai said goodbye to Li Mengru and Shao Honghui, car radiator cap ,DIN screw plug, and then left the company for Crown Media, where Su Yunzhen was. Crown Media is a big company in the industry, whose strength and scale far exceed that of Star Dream Media, which belongs to Crown Group. Su Yunzhen's debut contract is Crown Media, but now she has opened her own studio, attached to Crown Media, under the big tree to enjoy the cool, get a lot of resources and support, so in the capital entertainment circle. The name of Su Yunzhen's Four Little Huadan is also held up by Crown Media. Crown Media is also in the art park. The Crown Tower, which belongs to Crown Group, is only a few hundred meters away from the Star Tower, where Star Dream Media is located, so Luo Kai did not drive directly on foot. When he got to the downstairs of the Crown Building, he called Su Yunzhen. Su Yunzhen came down very quickly, see Luo Kai very enthusiastic: "Luo Kai, really trouble you.". ” Luo Kai shook hands with her and said with a smile, "You're welcome. I want to invite you to be a guest star in my first movie." Lonely people in the entertainment industry is very difficult to mix, relationships are very important, Luo Kai and Su Yunzhen such mutual cooperation is normal, both sides take what they need, is undoubtedly a win-win situation. Su Yunzhen personally took Luo Kai to the 21st floor of the Crown Building, where the film and television production department of Crown Media is located, so her film "Love Journey" is also in post-production. Su Yunzhen still attaches great importance to this summer film, not only because her own studio has invested, but more importantly, she needs a good box office film to maintain her position. So she personally participated in the later work, and invited Luo Kai to compose the theme song of the film through Mo Lan, and sang it herself, all in order to ensure the success of the film. First-line stars are very beautiful, but the pressure of competition is enormous. If you want to maintain your popularity and position, you can't just rely on hype. In the final analysis, you have to rely on your works and achievements. In the reception room, Luo Kai met the director, producer and music producer of Love Journey. Fang Yong, the director of Love Journey, is quite famous. He has made many movies and TV dramas and won awards at home and abroad, but he is kind and has no airs. He also laughs that he is a fan of Luo Kai. Luo Kai naturally looked up to and admired him for a long time, and he was not complacent because of the praise of the other side. The producer is a senior executive of Crown Media. The broad and fat executive is also smiling to Luo Kai, and his words are affectionate, as if he and Luo Kai are friends who have not seen each other for many years, with a hint of attraction. Since the release of the EP "Northern Sky" and its big sales, many people have tried to enter the corner of Star Dream Media, but Luo Kai has not changed his mind. If he wants to further develop, Crown Media is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Compared with the big crocodiles in this circle, Star Dream Media is undoubtedly a small shrimp-like existence, and the resources it can give are very different. But for the other side's solicitation, Luo Kai just smiled. Finally, Ji yuanjie, the music producer of "Love Journey",titanium machining parts, was a bit of a smile, saying polite words, and his tone was insincere.