Before Bancha had finished speaking, I felt a sudden surge of blood all over my body, because the things in the treasure houses on the 9th and 15th were all from the ruins of Atlantis. Each piece, apart from its market value, has an inestimable historical investigation value. 2 Grave Robbers (4) Scalpel hit a stupefied, the other side can feel the things in his treasure house clearly, enough to prove that he is hiding a mole. He raised his head and laughed to hide his uneasiness. "Well, I didn't expect you two to be interested in the ruins of Atlantis?"? There is an old Chinese saying that a bosom friend is rare in the world. If you two like it, just take it. Tanino laughed. He took out a big brown envelope from his Tang suit pocket and shook it in his hand. "Mr. Scalpel really speaks quickly. These are our deposits." The envelope was slightly bulging, and it must have contained another photo, not dollars or pounds. At the level of these big shots, the number of times they touch cash in a year is very few. The scalpel slowly put down the glass and looked at the envelope carelessly. I was surprised to see a palm-sized piece of cold sweat on the back of his shirt behind him. Masters face to face, the most terrible thing is that they are confused first. Now that he was beginning to break out in a cold sweat, it served to show that he had not gained the upper hand in this silent confrontation. Tanino's wrist suddenly vibrated, and the envelope flew flat in midair, just above the neck of the scalpel. The Japanese seemed to be polite, but secretly laid the killer in silence. If the scalpel is a man without martial arts foundation, this envelope is no less lethal to him than a thin blade, which can easily cut off his head. The scalpel leaned back easily on the back of the sofa, still smiling. "Thank you." When the envelope passed over the tea table,aluminium coated tubes, I took half a step, stretched out my right hand like lightning, and held it under the envelope. At the same time, the palm of my hand sent out the "soft strength" of Taijiquan, which made the envelope suddenly rotate rapidly in midair. The mouth of the envelope was originally open, and the photos inside slipped out with a crash under the influence of my softness, and lined up neatly on the table. I withdrew my palm, clapped my hands,precision welded tubes, and the envelope broke into thirty or forty pieces, like a butterfly with broken wings, and fell one after another. After showing off his excellent martial arts, Bancha began to notice me and stared at me several times. I stepped back and looked at the photos over the scalpel's shoulder. The most obvious attraction for me is a partial close-up of two hands holding each other, ten fingers entangled, and the joints are full of indescribable tension. Anyone who looks at it will know that the owners of these two hands are desperately trying to break each other's phalanges. Hey hey, twenty photos, please take your time. It can be seen that Mr. Scalpel is very interested in them, we really have to drink a cup first, wait for you two to calm down, and then talk about the conditions carefully.. Tanino was so crafty that he could guess what he was thinking at the moment from any casual movement of the scalpel. Indeed, the photos, no more, no less, Precision steel tubes ,beam impact tubes, a total of 20, are exactly the same series as the previous scalpel photos, still in the dark tomb. In addition to the close-up I'm talking about, there are several other shots where the camera zooms in and consciously approaches the face of the person. The stubble, the chapped lips, the iron-blue face, and the clenched masticatory muscles on the cheeks all showed that the man was trying his best to stick to his movements and resist the great external pressure. Unfortunately, due to the limitation of the shooting angle, only his 45-degree drooping face can be seen, so neither I nor the scalpel can determine whether it is the legendary "King of Grave Robbers" Yang Tian. The scalpel picked up the close-up and flicked it lightly with his fingernail, as if to consider its authenticity. Two hands, one of them bronzed, the muscles and bones are tense with all their strength, and the skin on the back of the hand is all tight. The scalpel exhaled and shook his head thoughtfully. At this moment, we should have thought of the same question: "On the back of the eldest brother's left and right hands, there is a blue rose in bud.". The hand in the photo is not tattooed, so it is certain that the man will not be Big Brother! The hanging heart was put down, and a string of sweat dripped silently from my forehead and fell on my chest. I did not believe that my eldest brother, who had been missing for fifteen years, would still be alive, and that he was living in an ancient Egyptian catacomb. With a flick of the scalpel finger, the photo fell on the tea table. Suddenly, Tanino laughed eerily. Bancha let go of his handprint, shook his shoulders, and grinned silently. These photos- "The scalpel opens slowly, the tone is low, but the big stone hanging in my heart for a long time has been put down.". Since the man was not the eldest brother, all these photos became worthless, and there was no need to exchange them for the precious antiquities of Atlantis. 2 Grave Robbers (5) He said only half a sentence and reached for the glass of wine, but out of the corner of his eye he glanced at Tanino's face. What's the matter? Mr. Scalpel seems to have lost interest in these photos. Tanino asked knowingly that an old fox like him could surely capture the mood change of the scalpel in an instant. The rose on the back of the eldest brother's hand, according to the scalpel, is to remember the two most special girls in life. They are twins, the elder sister blue demon, the younger sister blue Ji, all have the peerless beauty. Scalpel has described the beauty of the two sisters more than once: "On any occasion, as long as one of them appears, the men in the audience immediately stop drinking, dancing and talking, and even their heartbeat and breathing seem to be suppressed by their beauty.". At that moment, all the words describing beautiful women, such as "beautiful as a fairy, sinking fish and falling geese, closing the moon and shy flowers" and so on, will become pale and powerless. "Their beauty can never be matched by a third person on earth." "Only a girl like that is worthy of Yang Tian, the great king of grave robbers." The scalpel smiled,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and just as she was about to open her mouth, Su Lun quickly turned out from behind the wall. In the sound of her skirt, she went to the scalpel and whispered something in her ear.