The ten innate spiritual roots are flat peach, ginseng fruit, yellow plum, bodhi tree, gourd vine, bitter bamboo, immortal apricot, laurel, green willow and hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Among them, the flat peach is in the hands of Hongjun, the ginseng fruit is in the hands of Zhenyuanzi, the Bodhi tree is transformed into Zhunti, the gourd vine is raised by his two young disciples, the bitter bamboo is taken away and refined into six pure bamboos, and the laurel is on the Taiyin star. At this time, only Huangzhong plum, immortal apricot, green willow and hibiscus trees were unknown. There is a saying that green willows are poplar eyebrows. But think also know, Yang Mei is chaotic spirit root, green willow certainly has nothing to do with him. Kunlun Mountain is a geomantic treasure land, but Sanqing is not high now, so those treasures have not been found. Hongjun simply explained the situation of the Kunlun Mountains, "Huang Zhongli is on the top of the Kunlun Mountains, surrounded by the power of chaos.". One yuan will blossom, one yuan will bear fruit, one yuan will mature, and one yuan will be edible. Luo Wei felt that he had a little appetite, Huang Zhongli, think about it is sweet and sour taste. Avoiding Sanqing's perception, Hongjun took Luo to the top of the mountain. In fact, many people have misunderstood the location of the Kunlun Palace. The Kunlun Mountains are shaped like a basin, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. The mountains are divided into triangles. The Kunlun Palace is not on the top of the mountain, but in the corner due east. They want to go to the north, which is the highest place in the Kunlun Mountains, Langfeng Peak. The author has something to say: # 818 Spicy Luo, who wants to eat all the ten spiritual roots # Hongjun: Let Luo Wei eat everything he can. Luo Wei (suspicious): Why are you so positive. Hongjun: I spoil you. Luo: Cough.. Chapter 132 Fish Danger. Chapter 132 The flower of Huangzhong plum is very beautiful. At first glance, I thought it was a lotus flower. Its fruit is like a pearl pistil. The way to distinguish its identity is very simple and crude, Hongjun pointed to its petals and fruits, because the petals and fruits are written on the word "Huang Zhong", as if afraid that others do not know it is Huang Zhong Li. "Is there something wrong with this innate spiritual root?" Luo said. As soon as Hong Jun was silent, he said a kind word for Huang Zhongli: "Maybe it's to wait for the predestined person." Luo Wei carefully recalled the information, Huang Zhongli's future master. It seems to be yuanshi Tianzun? No wonder they are so arrogant. Luo Wei did not intend to rob a congenital spirit root with his grandson. He said with a smile, "Hongjun, which fruit is ripe?" Hongjun said gently, "The fruit is ripe and can be eaten." Picking up a bunch of fruit, Luo ate one and found that it tasted good, more appetizing than ginseng fruit. When he ate it himself, he saw Hongjun, side impact door beams ,aluminium coated steel tube, who had not done anything, twirling a fruit with his fingers and putting it to Hongjun's mouth. Hong Jun obeyed him and ate. "How does it taste?" Luo asked. "I prefer flat peaches," said Hongjun to the point. "Flat peaches are too sweet. I like them sour." Eating Huangzhong plum, Luo obviously felt that Huangzhong plum was better than ginseng fruit, which could enhance the vitality, but the vitality of Chaos Demon God was so strong that he could not feel the growth of blood bars at all. But Huang Zhongli is different, Huang Zhongli is aimed at the promotion of cultivation, Luo Wei can feel his own strength has appeared a certain fluctuation. Huangzhong plum has been growing in the Kunlun Mountains for so long, blossoming and falling, and so far it has grown such a bunch of fruits. "There are only seven of them." So little! Hongjun knew that Luo was used to being a prodigal. He explained with a smile, "Other monks can get ten thousand years of Taoism by smelling the fragrance of flowers. If they eat a fruit, they can become a big Luo Jinxian in an instant." Luo's heart moved, leaving two fruits. Hongjun knew, "do you want to give it to Garuda and Kong Xuan?" "It doesn't need to be left to them." Hongjun picked up the two fruits and fed them to Luo. "The cultivation obtained by Linggen is empty. If you and I hadn't reached the cultivation of quasi-saints, I wouldn't have advised you to take Huangzhong Li." "I'm a saint, not a quasi-saint," Luo said angrily. "All right, sage," Hongjun coaxed. Luo Kui also felt very sad, obviously has the power of the sage, but was sealed by the way of heaven! Hongjun looked at him and felt that the sentimental Luo was also very cute. It's soft, and it bounces when you poke it. Which innate spirit root are you going to find next? "Fairy apricot." No, I won't eat it. ” "Why.." In Kunlun Mountain, two "immortals" who had eaten Huang Zhongli floated away. Immortal apricot, one of the ten innate spiritual roots, is not well-known, but people like Luo who have checked the information know it. Fairy apricot was born in Yuzhu Cave of Zhongnan Mountain. It bears two fruits all its life. It was eaten by Lei Zhenzi and turned into two wings of wind and thunder. Luo Bin has a full head of black lines. They can fly, their children can fly in the future, who wants to grow a pair of wings ah! "Hongjun, if you eat a fairy apricot, it will grow wings." When Hongjun heard his reason, he was also surprised. "There is still this effect." Fairy apricot fruit conditions than yellow plum, ginseng fruit countless times more harsh, Hongjun is also directed at its precious degree, did not expect to eat its fruit will be pit out of a pair of wings, Hongjun and Luo immediately changed the road, not to the other side of Zhongnan Mountain. Their children will be favored by God. How can they be trapped by the immortal apricot? Luo, have you ever eaten Bodhi? "What?" "Zhunti is the form of a Bodhi tree. The Bodhi tree can give birth to a Bodhi seed, which has the effect of clearing the mind and concentrating the mind." “…… Isn't that his son? “……” Luo Yan squinted at the speechless Hongjun. Hongjun thought to himself, "I don't care if I throw away Bodhi at random.". Taking care of Luo's taste, Hongjun changed his tune and mentioned other spiritual roots: "Among the ten spiritual roots, only flat peaches, immortal apricots, bodhi seeds, Huangzhong plums, and ginseng fruits can be eaten." Luo smiled. "Do you dare to bet with me?"? You missed an edible one. "What's the bet?" Said Hongjun. Luo pointed to the red clouds on the horizon, and his long and narrow eyes were full of interest. "Help me weave a red dress with the red clouds." Hongjun smiled. Why is that so difficult? "Good." When Luo Jian saw that he agreed, he succeeded and said, "Laurel, laurel blossoms, flowers can be taken!" To make clothes with red clouds,side impact door beams, this kind of dialogue can only exist in mythology, otherwise others will think he is crazy. At this point, he didn't want anything. What he liked was what Hongjun had helped him get.