This time, Yi Chi saw Hongjun fishing again, but just by looking at him, Yi Chi could see whether he was really Hongjun, or whether he was the annoying external incarnation. As a result, Yi Chi was too lazy to distinguish and went directly into the bamboo house, but this time there was no other Hongjun in the bamboo house, but this did not mean that the one outside was the real Hongjun, so Yi Chi did nothing, sat down directly and drank tea leisurely. After a while, a door at the back of the bamboo house was pushed open, and a smiling Hongjun came in. Yi Chi! You're really on time! Smiling at Yi Chi, Hongjun sat down and his face suddenly became serious. Looking at the instant change of Hongjun's face, Yi Chi had to admire his face-changing skills, which was absolutely a must! At least Yi Chi is unable to do this, the speed of Hongjun's face-changing, that is faster than turning over a book, do not know the geometry, that speed, so fast that people think he has always been this expression! Become without warning. Then, with a serious face, Hongjun said, "This time you've come at the right time. I was going to send someone to invite you over." "Oh!"! Is there anything important? Doubtfully turned his head to look at Hongjun, Yi Chi did not know what important things he could find himself, could it be that Lin Yun had news? Think of here,[url=]brass tube fitting[/url], Yi Chi's eyes will be hot up, no way, who called Yi Chi is not rich now! Can save a large sum of money to start, that can make Yi Chi happy more than anything! Seeing Yi Chi's appearance, Hongjun knew that he had already guessed something in his heart, so he stopped hiding it and told Yi Chi directly. Just now, Lin Yun Supreme personally summoned me, telling me that she had sent someone to send a thing, as long as you take that thing,[url=]hydraulic fitting manufacturer[/url], you can go out freely! Let me tell you, don't take too much risk, if you can, it's better to stay here! Sure enough, Hongjun told himself the news he wanted to know most. After listening to Hongjun's words, Yi Chi directly ignored the latter sentence, thinking only about whether the person who sent the thing could hurry up. He Yi Chi had not seen the empty continent well. From the beginning of the mine, to the present Canglang city, Yi Chi has been to such two places before and after, there is no feeling, which makes Yi Chi very uncomfortable, the heart is eager to go out alone. Now, after getting the news, Yi Chi is not only happy that he has saved a lot of money, but also happy that he will soon be able to really get in touch with the nihilistic continent. I don't know what happened to that enemy. I hope he's not dead yet! Somehow, Yi Chi suddenly remembered the enemy who had arrived here one step ahead of himself, and immediately sniggered. If there is no adventure, this enemy must still be working in a mine in the land of nothingness, [url=]tube fitting manufacturer[/url] ,[url=]stainless steel hydraulic fitting[/url], and only the mine needs such alternate saints to work, and other work they simply can not accept, this is mainly a matter of strength, think about it, what can a small alternate saint do? Ask him to guard the house? Any spirit saint can kill him in one move and ask him to serve the dishes? It is believed that no inn is willing to recruit an alternate saint to lose face. So, at this time, if there is no special adventure, he must still be digging desperately in a mine in the land of nothingness, and maybe he will be bullied, so Yi Chi expects him not to die before he finds him, which is too boring.
At this time, Yi Chi had a myriad of thoughts in his heart. After half a sound, he asked Hongjun, "So when will they arrive at Canglang Pavilion?" Hongjun shook his head, "I don't know about this, I don't think it will be very fast, after all, the headquarters of the Eastern Strong Alliance is not generally far away from here, even if the emperor's holy land saints want to get to Canglang City, it can't be achieved without hundreds of years!" "Hundreds of years?"? It's so far! Yi Chi said in surprise that the headquarters of the Eastern Alliance would be so far away from Canglang City, and that a master of the Holy Land would have to fly for hundreds of years to get here. The distance was really not so far away! In the heart small feeling looked a few times, but this hundreds of years Yi Chi still can afford to wait, anyway, two thousand years have come, not to mention just a few hundred years! Thinking of this, Yi Chi no longer struggled with this problem. Instead, he looked at Hongjun and said, "This time I want double the nihility spar. What you gave me is really not enough!" Said Yi Chi also pretended a pitiful look, I really see pity ah! But Hongjun obviously didn't like this. Seeing that Yi Chi wanted to double the amount of nihility spar, Hongjun immediately shouted angrily, "You're not enough!"! The nihility spar you have taken for thousands of years is enough for other people to use for hundreds of thousands of years, but you don't think it's enough. You can't be so greedy! “……” This is the first time Yi Chi saw Hongjun so excited, it seems that Yi Chi's request is indeed a bit excessive, after all, although the income of Canglang Pavilion is large, but they still have countless disciples to feed, those offerings ah! Elder! Are to use nihility spar to feed, and now add Yi Chi such a big appetite, this two thousand years, the income of the entire Canglang Pavilion but a full reduction of more than ten percentage points ah! Now as soon as I heard that Yi Chi was not satisfied, I asked for a double directly as soon as I opened my mouth, and I was so angry that Hongjun, a good-tempered man, broke out. Looking at the outbreak of Hongjun in astonishment, Yi Chi looked at him helplessly and said, "If you don't add it, don't add it!"! Why are you so excited? As soon as the words came out, Hongjun's eyes, which had originally breathed fire, suddenly let out, and his body sat feebly on the chair. You boy, also too greedy, ah ~ early knew that the death also did not pull you to come here! Hongjun said helplessly, saying that he still gave the thousand-year-old nihility spar to Yi Chi, of course,[url=]38 needle valve[/url], symbolically increased a little, but only a little, not as much as Yi Chi asked for. [url=][/url]