Back to Tianmen, the image of Long Zhan immediately attracted everyone's attention. After everyone laughed, my mentality slowly straightened out. Even when Zhang Qiuhong told us that he had not found Huang Ruifei, I just chuckled and said: "It doesn't matter. It's a big deal not to practice a number again!" Finally, I chose to be alone. Although the weather began, I stripped down to my underpants and went into the swimming pool, floating quietly in the water, feeling the waves around me gently kissing my skin. My heart is more calm, the experience of Tianyi in the game goes through my heart one by one, just like when I was a child, I almost drowned, and when I finally decided to give up, all I think about is the happy days before, as well as my relatives.. Long Zhan is right, this day is always to live, if this blow can not stand, I really do not deserve to be a person of life and death, just the wolf, the cloud fox, the silver dragon. I'm going to say goodbye to you. Husband,[url=]14 tube fitting[/url], are you all right? I don't know when Yun swam to my side. When I came to my senses, I was moved to kiss Yun's wet red lips and said, "Yun, what are you doing down here in this weather?" "Oh, husband, you are not afraid, I am not afraid!" Yun wrapped her hand around my waist intimately and shook close to my body and said,[url=]stainless steel needle valve[/url], "Don't think so much. While it's still early, I'll accompany you to Hualong Group to get your helmet."? We played this game again in the evening, and I believe it won't be long before you get back what belongs to you, including Sirius! Listening to 6 Yun mention Sirius again, my body trembled, for the heart of that trace of reluctance, but also for 6 Yun's intentions, how considerate, how understanding wife ah. I looked at her tenderly and swam to the edge of the pool with her in my arms and said, "The secret skill in the room is not a high mental skill. You can't stand such water!" Just as we were wiping the drops of water from each other's bodies, there was a rush of footsteps. Hiro ran in and said, "Young master, Huang Ruifei is back!" "Come here when you're dressed, baby!" I patted 6 Yun on the shoulder and ran out without any clothes. Is Huang Ruifei back? What's going on here? When I ran to the hall, [url=]12 needle valve[/url] ,[url=]needle valve manufacturer[/url], basically everyone was there. As soon as I saw me wearing little red underpants, I ran in. The expressions on everyone's faces were as rich as they could be. But this was not what I valued. What I valued was Huang Ruifei. At this time, Huang Ruifei, who was wearing a ragged security uniform, was sitting on a chair with a blue face and a frightened face. Standing beside him was.. Long Xiang. Long Xiang wears a blue loose retro robe, with his energetic board inch head, but it will not make people feel strange, but feel that he is somewhat secular. I looked blankly at Longxiang and put my eyes on Huang Ruifei: "What's going on?" Yu Ling looked at me with concern: "Husband, where did you go? My sister and I have been looking for you!" " As Ling smiled apologetically, he heard Long Xiang say, "Tianyi, you'd better not put pressure on him now. If I hadn't happened to pass by that place, he would have died." I looked at Long Xiang doubtfully and said, "Where did you meet him?" When I was walking back to Beijing from Baiyunguan, I met him outside the South Ring Road. At that time, he jumped down from the high running maglev train desperately. Fortunately, he was lucky. After bouncing a few times in the tree, he fell to the ground without serious injury. As soon as he fell to the ground, he ran away frantically crying for help.
"Long Xiang looked at Huang Ruifei with pity and said," I was less than 200 meters away from him at that time. I saw something was wrong. When I ran over, I saw a figure jumping off the maglev train that had not gone far. The man's kung fu was very good. He landed on the ground and shot at the boy with a catapult. He was still holding a weapon in his hand. It was a Japanese sword! " "My grass!" A punch to the side of the screen, a small action to remove my strength after the dragon said: "Don't scare him!" " When secretly surprised, I gritted my teeth and said bitterly, "It's these dogs of the underworld again. So you killed the man of the underworld?" Long Xiang shook his head and said, "He is indeed a man of the underworld, but I didn't do anything to him. His kung fu is very good. I can't hurt him at all within a hundred strokes, let alone catch him or kill him. And I have to protect this boy. After fighting with me for more than ten minutes, I know he can't kill this boy under my hands, so he chose to leave." When he left, he used the escape technique. Even Longxiang would praise him for his good kung fu, so his kung fu must be very good. I frowned and said, "Do you remember what he looks like?" Long Xiang chuckled and said, "So what if I remember?"? The people of Hades are the most proficient in changing their appearance. As he has come to Greater China to plot, I don't think he will show his true face at ordinary times, especially when people like him have an unusual position in Hades. Long Xiang's words made me admire him very much. From this sentence, we can see that his experience is much better than mine. At this time, Zhang Qiuhong coughed and said: "Fan'er, let Huang Ruifei have a rest. It seems that this child has suffered a lot. You go to change your clothes and come out first!" Just now it was because I was impatient that I ran here without changing my clothes. Now the matter has come to an end. I blushed at master s words. I was a little embarrassed and glanced at them. Everyone laughed and said, "I'm sorry. I'm going to change my clothes!" "It doesn't matter. Anyway, our third brother has such a good figure. It's more pleasing to the eye, isn't it?" Wang Chen's words made everyone laugh, and I knew that the shadow congealed on the gate of heaven really began to dissipate at this time. Honey, I brought you the clothes. Come here and change them. Yun's voice just appeared at the door of the hall. Looking at Huang Ruifei, whose face was covered with scratches and whose application was still very dull and frightened,[url=]hydraulic fitting supplier[/url], I turned out of the hall. What happened to him? Thinking of this, I quickened the pace of changing clothes, although there is a big reason because I stood outside on the corridor to change. Chapter 104 survival instinct. [url=][/url]