Jordan's son's joint AJ is here again! New Jordans Release 2022 This year's sky-high shoes +1! The sneaker store "Trophy Room" of Jordan's son Marcus Jordan may be regarded as the most unique existence in the sneaker circle. After all, Jinshuiloutai has unique conditions, not only can it bring the original joint name with Jordan Brand at will, but also the specifications are extremely high each time, which has become the object of players' collection. And the relatively scarce quantity of goods often leads to a rise in market price, which is a proper "high-priced joint manufacturing machine".
Recently, the long-rumored new joint Trophy Room x New Jordan 7 UK has finally been officially announced. The shoe model is inspired by the Air Jordan 7 that Jordan played with the Dream Team in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Whether it is the use of materials or the details, they all show great results. High quality! The upper is constructed in the classic red, blue and white colors of the Dream Team. The details are supplemented by suede leather, gold metal and colorful lines symbolizing the Olympic rings. The outsole continues the blue and red of the "Olympic Air Jordan 7" in the first year. Gold setting, paying tribute with a strong meaning. The special feature is the Michael Jordan embossed signature on the outside of the upper, and the Trophy Room and Dream Team Jordan jersey numbers on the heel and insole respectively. "New sheriff in town" is embroidered on the inside of the tongue, from the Magician's evaluation of Jordan during the training of the Dream Team. The inner and outer seals of the shoebox are also thematically interpreted. The insole and the inner side of the shoebox are Monte Carlo and 1992 6 22 representing the training message of that year.
In addition, a tactical drawing board and 3 pairs of shoelaces are also included with the shoes, and the overall high specifications are still continued. At present, this Trophy Room x Air Jordan 7 has been officially released, please click on the link to enter the store to purchase.
Trophy Room x Air Jordan 7
Item number: DM1195-474