Be aware that we included items -- rather than cards such as FIFA 23 Ones to TOTW or View cards. Given rarity and their price, FIFA 23 Icons are excluded. All prices are correct as of ancient December FIFA 23 coins.After a couple of false starts the Wolves winger has established himself at the Premier League. In addition, he includes a TOTW card with a speed rating of 97, and - scarily - a Halloween card which takes that key stat around 98. 270,000 coins.

Their pace ratings might be identical, but there is a small cost discrepancy between the 2 players atop this listing. Traore costs 5K. Mbappe costs 900,000. Should you break the bank for him, you are also getting ratings of 90 ball controller 91 dribbling, and 89 finishing. Mbappe has three particular cards in addition to his rare golden, the best of which, a Champions League TOTT item, boasts 98 speed and a 91 OVR. That one's a shocking 2.6 million.AWOL in the City line-up for much of this season after suffering a serious knee injury, Sane remains as devastatingly successful as ever in FIFA 23. He's also among those few elite Premier League left-wingers using a natural foot.

The Portuguese wideman includes a 97-paced special card available as a Season two objective, but even his ordinary gold is beneficial. That rate evaluation is killer, obviously, while 95 agility, 82 equilibrium and 87 dribbling cause headaches for full-backs even when he is not travelling at full pelt. Sounds promising, right? The record of Nagai's strengths suddenly end there buy FUT 23 coins. With 63 finishing and 65 heading accuracy he's not likely to win Division Rivals games for you, even as a seat alternative. Still, at 500 coins you could construct a super-cheap silver aspect around him to get a few Squad Battles entertaining.