Fergusson: Yeah. It's not always clear to everyone the concept of D2R Items an endgame. They're probably familiar with new games, with almost starting over, being more powerful however, the concept of an endgame really concerns what happens after the story ends. Are there any games available to play? We're extremely proud of with Diablo 4.

D3. the day it came out, 10 years ago, it didn't include an ending. Once you had completed the story, you're finished. There was no reason to continue playing, become more powerful and to new adventures. With D4. we've actually invested a lot of time to have a final game when it was released.

Shely You know, I think that what you've said is very important. We all know how much fun it is to create your own character and learn about all the powerful designs. We also believe it's essential to have some content to challenge yourself against. We've tried our best to broaden the range of games. As Rod mentioned, in the gameis a challenge, and when you've completed the campaign you could be at level 45 or so.

Your character's level increases to 100 Paragon points. You also have access to whispers, access to Nightmare Dungeons and other endgame activities we're working on. We wanted you to be able to choose from a variety of activities to choose from. Of course, you've been granted world-class tiers which are giving you the chance to upgrade the ante.

Be sure that the difficulty of the game is kept up to date with the power of your character's level. To unlock these more difficult levels, you must be able to prove that you have completed the dungeon in order to gain access to that more challenging content. This is the idea of creating an item, then creating it to be powerful, and then testing it cheap D2R Ladder Items against a challenges