Another significant change in this update is the inclusion of Powerpasses. In the case of Punika Powerpass recently added and active Buy Lost Ark Gold, you can elevate any of the characters on your roster up to level 1302 immediately with the pass. Now, there's a new safeguard being added in the update , which will make it so that any gold you earn when you purchase the purchased Powerpass is subject to a waiting period for it. Three days have to pass before you can use any gold awarded. This is similar to other changes to shift gold gained to be used further back in the story quest and other actions intended to fight against the creation of bots as well as alt accounts that are used to purchase the early gold.

Lost Ark Update Gifts a new Jukebox Song, adds Waiting Period to Powerpass Gold, and Fixes issues

Also included in this week's update are several fixes for setting the alarm menu which should work as intended along with text changes to help make Steam achievements more clear about how to earn them as well as removing all Weekly Rapport Chest from the online store due to an issue.Being added in this patch will be the legendary Arcanist's Empire Gem.Overall Following the big July update last week the week ahead is about fixes and tweaks. For more information on the update this week which will shut down the game at 12AM , PT, go the website Lost Ark for the full note.

Lost Ark: How To Get Punika Powerpass

The newly-implemented Punika Powerpass allows players to up the lower-level characters, up to the level of 50.

With the recent update of Lost Ark, players saw the addition of a new class, the Arcanist. The update also features new raid content cheap Lost Ark Gold, improvements to upgrade characters, along with a host of other updates and improved quality of life. Players also got to experience the use of a new Powerpass to help speed up their characters' ability to access current content. The system works in a similar way to previous Powerpasses we've used in the past. However, some players may be unclear on the best way to access this latest item.