Trinqoo is a parking company that offers Heathrow Airport parking in UK. We offer discounted prices and easy access to the airport. With our Heathrow park and ride in Trinqoo, you can park your car at the airport, take public transport or a taxi to the airport and make your travel stress-free.




Trinqoo is a provider of airport parking service in UK that you can use to park your car at Heathrow Airport. Trinqoo has been operating at Heathrow Airport for many years providing the service for meet and greet Heathrow and has now introduced a meet and greet service in UK. There are two types of Heathrow Airport parking, the Meet and Greet Parking and ‘drop-off’ only.

The Meet and Greet Heathrow Parking will take care of all your needs by giving you a driver who will park your car for you, take care of any luggage you have, meet you at the terminal with a board with your name on it, walk with you through security, wait while you pick up any food or drink before driving back to collect your car. On the other hand, ‘drop-off’ only parking can be used if you are planning on traveling light or have no luggage.