Shortly after the launch of Path of Exile: Expedition, GGG brought Patch 3.15.1, optimized the game, fixed some bugs in the game and improved some related details. This will increase the game experience of players, and players will also want to buy more POE Currency for their characters to get better equipment to get excellent results in the league.

Instilling and Enkindling Orb Recipes
Instilling and Enkindling orbs were introduced in the 3.15 patch. The former adds some enchantments to the player’s utility flask, while the latter can improve the player’s flask by enhancing the effect in exchange for not gaining charge during the flask effect. Although they are definitely useful, they are rare, and if players want to pop up the correct enchantments, they will POE Currency Buy. However, it is worth noting that Enkindling orbs are easier to find, although they are still rare compared to other orbs. In other words, Patch 3.15.1 adds Vendor Recipes for converting Instilling Orbs to Enkindling Orbs and vice versa. They are not available by default, and players must discover these recipes themselves. However, developers have noticed that they are easy to get.

Soul of the Brine King Upgrade
In the previous patch, those players who want to unlock the “30% stun and block recovery” upgrade of Soul of the Brine King Pantheon power must fight Otesha on the Iceberg map. The problem is that Otesha will not spawn all the time, which means players must go back to the Iceberg map again and again until it appears. Fortunately, the developer has changed the request to kill Glace. Glace is the boss of the POE Currency.

The new patch brings more optimization, and it looks very good. Players who have not yet joined the Path of Exile Expedition can prepare enough POE Currency to experience it!