• Gramfree

    GramFree is a website that offers cryptocurrencies to those who use its platform fulfilling tasks, The Gram cryptocurrency is based on the Blockchain TON project developed by Telegram, its main proposal is the agility in transactions making the cryptocurrency more suitable to be used in payments, due its high speed, in this context, GramFree appears as a means of distributing tokens (coins) to promote Gram

    You can win by watching videos, trying your luck in the platform lottery, inviting members and signing “smart contracts”, all free of charge, with no investment required. Each Gram is worth an average of 2 dollars, the minimum withdrawal amount is 500 Gram around 1,000 dollars.

    Earnings per task:

    Watching videos -

    Spinning Roulette - 0.1 to 1000 Gram

    Smart Contracts - 0.5 Gram

    Inviting people - 5 Gram

    For each level reached you gain 5 gram. The withdrawal of the amount is made through PayPal, Bitcoin, mpesa, mastcard, visa

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