In the end, I decided that I would just give the account a new name that has 40 defence stop worrying about RS gold stats and just have some fun with this game. I've only had a few quests done since I've always wanted to kill. What are some of the most enjoyable ones? I would rather kill everything or anything that will bring me decent income.

Right now im making Cannonballs to maximize the effectiveness of my work. Do you have a better ideas with those numbers? Do I have the ability to create more GP by using coal once it gets to 60 mining? Or is cannonballs still the best choice? What would my stats need to be to ever be able to defend 40? Full Rune thinking. Do I need to raise defense? Or not? I am grateful to everyone who has responded. I want to enjoy myself and not worry about pking or getting lvls.

I will lay down details about the issue, and the answer in 3 easy to read sections. While it will require an enormous amount of work to end price manipulation, it will also end the tyranny which has been placed on merchanting clans forever. I hope you will be able to learn from this experience and all other players who may need it.

The Goal of this Guide is to help rebuild an economy where nearly all skills could be used to make money This guide will teach you how to stop price manipulating.

The problem is pretty basic: There are huge groups of people taking advantage of Jagex's faulty price system in order to earn huge amounts of cash. The majority of the community doesn't approve of these lame methods. This is the way the game should not be played regardless of whether you agree or not with it. The game is not based on money rather than on having fun and having fun. Basic skills shouldn't need you to purchase expensive abilities that were readily available just a few years back.

This is not the first time history has seen such things. Recently, we went through a time when trusts and monopolies controlled the country in my history class. They devised an organization to take advantage of The United States' failure to control it.

The wages paid to workers were so little that they were unable to pay the expenses of living. For a small amount of money, workers were expected to work for long hours, sometimes up to 14 hours a day. They couldn't quit as there were many others who could take their place.

How did the workers overcame these conditions and create the modern system of work? How was the OSRS buy gold complete control of the market reverted to provide a free economy?