We run this website and permits its use according to the following terms and conditions:

Welcome to Twikkers, the global social media network for and by everyone!

By visiting and using the site you agree to the following simple rules and conditions of use. The rules and conditions apply to all visitors; guests and members.

1 - Terms

1.1 - The website: The Website or Site in this document means the Twikkers.com website in the broadest sense of the word.

1.2 - Member / Members: Twikkers is a social network website and offers registered users - hereafter referred to as Members - free access to a range of social media functionalities.

1.3 - Profile / Account: After registration, registration and validation of the specified email address, Twikkers will create an empty profile - hereinafter referred to as an Account - that is only accessible to the member by logging in with the specified username and password.

1.4 - Verified users / Twikkers Stars: Members who use our verification procedure (as described here) after registration are called verified users, or popularly referred to as Twikkers Stars.

1.5 - The manager / moderators: The daily maintenance of Twikkers is performed by volunteers who have the task of Administrator or Moderator. Administrators are experienced IT people and social media experts with full access to all data on Twikkers. Moderators are employees with limited authority who only deal with reporting unsuitable content and managing the content of certain (own) Twikkers groups or pages.

1.6 - Expressions: data placed by you such as texts, images and other matters initiated by you in the broadest sense of the word


2 - Changes


Twikkers reserves the right to change the rules and conditions. Therefore, if you use our website and services, regularly check these rules and conditions. Changes are also announced on the Twikkers News page.


3 - Registration and storage of personal data and (tracking) "cookies"


3.1 Registration and storage of personal data

Twikkers considers privacy and protection of personal data very important. Personal data of members are stored in our database and are not made available to third parties.

Twikkers only asks for summary personal information, such as your full name and email address. Other personal details are not requested or are not required to provide.

3.2 Browser cookies

The Twikkers website stores "cookies" on your computer through your browser. These are very small files with (anonymous) information from the web server, such as the last-visited page, session information, etc.

3.3 Tracking cookies

Twikkers does NOT use so-called "tracking cookies" that record your behavior on the internet.

3.4 Third-party cookies

Via the Twikkers website, third-party cookies can be stored on your computer via your browser. These are specific:

Cookie from Google Analytics: our page "counter" and visitor information. This cookie contains information about your browser and does not contain any personal data. Not public.

Twikkers does NOT exchange cookies and other (personal) data with third parties. Twikkers does NOT participate in advertising campaigns such as Google AdSense and others where your data and behavior on Twikkers is used via "tracking cookies" on other websites.

* Received cookies can be viewed via browser by clicking on our "green lock" in your browser bar.


4 - Data protection


We use several modern techniques to deal with attacks by hackers and other malicious parties. All connections between your browser and Twikkers also run via a secure HTTPS connection, just like you are used to, among other things, your internet banking. No rights can be derived from this alone. By using Twikkers you agree with the fact that the use of online services can never be considered 100% secure and that Twikkers cannot be held responsible for the distribution of your personal data due to, among other things, burglary or any other reason for unintended spread in the broadest sense of the word.


5 - Content content and subject of your social expressions


5 .1 - Twikkers is not intended for commercial or commercial applications. Advertising for companies and brands is permitted, provided that this does not lead to complaints from other members or that it is otherwise contrary to the rules and conditions in this document.

5.2 - It is not permitted to approach members directly with advertising messages, in whatever way, in the broadest sense of the word. This also includes the placement of commercial messages or invitations to commercial pages or groups on the profiles of members, or by sending such messages via private messages.

5.3 - Posting erotic content on one's own profile page is allowed provided that the privacy of the profile and the content (the messages and the images) are set to "Followers only" (private profile) or "All I" (semi private profile).

5.4 - The placement of erotic images on Pages is not permitted because they are public. The same applies to Groups

5.5 - Setting an erotic image for your profile cover, background or profile photo is not allowed because it is public.

5.6 - Posting racist or politically incorrect content is prohibited, as well as any content that, in any capacity, conflicts with Dutch law. Racist, nationalist or otherwise hateful statements under the guise of "satire" are not tolerated.

5.7 - Twikkers is a Dutch website. The working language is Dutch. The website offers the possibility to translate menus and other page elements into a few other languages, but no rights can be derived from this "user-interface language selection".

5.7a - Help desk staff, administrators and moderators can be expected to be able to read messages in Dutch, German and English. Non-Dutch messages, on the other hand, will only be answered in English if necessary.

5.7b - Administrators and moderators can demand a Dutch or English translation of the expression in the case of statements in a language other than Dutch, English or German if it is suspected that the statement is contrary to the rules and conditions in this document, or to received notifications (complaints).

5.8 - All members can report content on Twikker's inappropriate content. A "Report" button is visible below each message. This sends a message to the administrator in order to inform the administrator of the inappropriate content. Reports will be assessed on the basis of these rules and conditions. No rights can be derived from the reporting of inappropriate content.

5.9 - It is not permitted to share received personal messages or other non-public messages without the consent of the sender. For privacy reasons, it is not permitted to distribute received personal messages from other members, messages from non-public groups or messages marked by the sender with a privacy setting other than "Public" on Twikkers.


5.10 - Placing calls regularly for other social networks can be classified as unwanted advertising and treated as such.

5.11 - The administrator has the right - without notice or discussion - to remove offensive material. This applies to all possible expressions, such as videos, links and shared messages from others.

5.12 - The administrator has the right - without notice or discussion - to change the privacy settings of messages, profiles and groups to resp. Friends or Decided if the content conflicts with the rules and conditions described in this document.


6 - Delete messages


The administrator reserves the right to delete messages without warning, announcement or discussion if they conflict with these rules and conditions.


7 - Suspend or delete your account


The administrator reserves the right to suspend or delete your account without notice or discussion if these rules and conditions are not observed. We apply a "three times ship's law" rule, whereby accounts are permanently deleted in the event of repeated violations in the third warning.


8 - Terminate membership and close the account


8.1 - If the member wants to terminate his own membership of Twikkers on his own initiative, the member must delete the account himself, by removing the account via the "Edit" function. Only for authenticated users can the administrator delete the account at the request of the member.


8.2 - When canceling an account, the profile and all data, posts, images, groups and pages posted or created by this member will be hidden and made invisible to all members and visitors.

8.3 - After cancellation by the member, accounts can be restored within fourteen days at the request of the member. No data is lost.

8.4 - Accounts suspended or deleted by the administrator can be restored by the administrator at the request of the member or at the initiative of the administrator, if the rules and conditions are met.

8.5 - Canceled or suspended accounts are physically and definitively removed from our server after 14 days, including all data, images and any groups and pages created. We do not offer a backup or download service for placed data.


9 - Registration and use of user name, screen name and profile photo


9.1 - A registration name must be chosen when registering. This name is unique and may not already exist in the Twikkers database. The name can be freely chosen and may not conflict with these rules and conditions. The username cannot be changed after registration.

9.2 - After registration, a screen name can be selected via the profile settings. This is the same as the username at the start. The choice of screen name is free and not unique. The screen name can be chosen freely and may not conflict with these rules and conditions. The screen name is constantly freely adjustable.

9.3 - After registration, a profile photo can be uploaded and set via the profile settings. The screen name can be chosen freely and may not conflict with these rules and conditions. The profile photo is constantly freely adjustable.

9.4 - No rights or exclusivity can be derived from user / screen names and profile pictures. Screen names are not unique and therefore several members can and may use the same screen name.

9.5 - Reserved user and screen names. The following user and screen names may not be used:

Names or profile pictures that contain the word Twikkers regardless of the exact spelling, punctuation or spacing. Any possible confusion with Twikkers in the broadest sense of the word must be avoided.

Names or profile pictures that contain the word Administrator regardless of the exact spelling, punctuation or spacing. Any possible confusion with the Twikkers manager in the broadest sense of the word must be avoided.

Names or profile photos that are specifically deliberately and with malicious intentions chosen to present themselves as existing members or personalities. With evil intentions, any intended action that is contrary to Dutch law is meant. Including, but not limited to, fraud and identity fraud.

9.6 - The administrator reserves the right to modify or delete profiles whose user, screen name or profile photo is intentionally offensive.

9.7 - Complaints or requests for exclusivity will not be honored.


10 - Code of conduct and use


The usual online decency rules apply to Twikkers. If complaints are reported about your behavior - each time after assessment - the "three times ship's right" principle will be followed.

By using Twikkers you agree with the following statements.

a - I will do nothing to harm the good name and reputation of Twikkers or in any way by putting my behavior or statements in a bad light

b - I will refrain from stalking, insulting, threatening, hateful statements, obscenities, releasing personal information from others and spreading or calling for violence.

c - I will refrain from posting hurtful messages and naming, topics and content of groups and pages in the broadest sense of the word.

d - I will abide by the rules of Dutch law.

e - I do not abuse or infringe on the rights and personal information of others, in the broadest sense of the word.

f - I will not share content from others outside the Twikkers network without written permission from the rightful owner. This also applies to messages, reactions, texts, images, logos, videos and other images of Twikkers and the Twikkers members.

g - I will not use Twikkers to collect personal information ("harvesting").

h - I will not distribute SPAM or other unwanted messages.

i - I will not share received private messages or other messages that are not marked as Public on my timeline.


11 - Social behavior


Twikkers is a social network. A basic functionality of a social network is "Tracking" the flow of messages from other users of the network. Users of Twikkers determine themselves, through the privacy settings "Profile Visibility" and "General Visibility" plus the privacy setting per message, which information is displayed to other Members, Followers and Friends.

The Twikkers members are expected to have a social attitude towards other members, which makes a positive contribution to the Twikkers social network. The following minimum requirements are set for this.

11.1 - As a member you have no objection to "Following", or being followed by, other Twikkers members.

11.2 - Friends and Followers come and go. Following or being Friends is entirely without obligation and no rights can be derived from this by the members.

11.3 - It is not permitted to oblige people - in the broadest sense of the word - to Follow members or to become Friends with them.


12 - Rights and liability


12.1 - Twikkers does not claim any rights from third parties with regard to placed expressions or materials.

12.2 - Twikkers is not responsible or liable for posted content in the broadest sense of the word.

12.2 - The member bears full responsibility for posted (visual) material and other content.

12.3 - Rights such as image rights and copyrights remain the property of the rightful owner.

12.4 - It is not permitted without the permission of the rightful owner to place (image) material and other content of which you are not the rightful owner. Violations must be reported for investigation under point 5.8.

12.5 - Your expressions and (visual) material can be "shared" by members within the Twikkers network. You give permission to Twikkers and its users to share your expressions and (visual) material within the Twikkers network, subject to point 12.6

12.6 - If your expressions and (visual) material may not be shared by others, you should not place these expressions in public Groups or on Pages and then only with the privacy settings "Friends". Furthermore, you must clearly state in your message - by placing a message or watermark on the image material, or in the form of a clear text message in your message - that you do not allow further distribution and sharing. You can refer to this point in the Rules and Conditions.

12.7 - The member is responsible for local backup of placed data.

12.8 - Twikkers is not liable for the loss of data in the broadest sense of the word. We use various advanced backup systems to minimize the risk of data loss, but no rights can be derived from this.

12.9 - Twikkers is a website that is preferably, but not specifically, intended for use by adults. The content may possibly be offensive to minors and therefore we recommend that minors should be accompanied by an adult at all times when using Twikkers.


13 - Zero tolerance policy for the protection of minors.


13.1 - Twikkers has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to bullying, stalking and threatening minors. Twikkers will actively moderate and maintain capacity and best. This means, among other things, that members who are guilty of bullying, stalking, threatening or any other form of indecent behavior with regard to minors are immediately put on hold, after which an investigation will be initiated.

13.2 - The unlawful or immoral approach to minors in the broadest sense of the word is regarded as an unlawful act in any way.

13.3 - Unauthorized distribution of images posted by minor Twikkers members outside the Twikkers network is considered to be unlawful.

13.4 - In the event of established irregularities, a report will always be made to the judicial authorities.

13.5 - The above provisions apply to all Twikkers members, minors and adults.


14 - Questions and complaints.


If you have questions about these conditions, you can use our contact form on or email to: info@twikkers.com


15 - Declaration of agreement.


By using Twikkers you agree to all the rules and conditions in this document.

If you do not agree with all the rules and conditions set out in this document - we ask you to immediately stop using the Twikkers.com website.

No part of these terms and conditions may be reproduced and / or made public by means of printing, photocopying, microfilm or in any other way.