About us

Twikkers.com is the new Global Social Network in the purest sense of the word, a Smart Social Network for which it was once intended!
Make new friends, keep in touch with old friends, share photos and videos, like, post, blog, write articles, give exporsure to your company, buy or sell products, in short everything you want to make known to the world!
Private or business, promote articles, books, your company, in short everything is possible as long as you keep it within the limits of the decent!
Our golden rule: it does not interest us where you buy your goods, from whom or how expensive it was, you are supposed to have fun on twikkers.com. We respect your privacy, so we will not present you solicited or unsolicited advertisements, simply because it's fun!
As a member society we cannot exist without our members worldwide so we ask you to comment your ideas or comments with us and you will always receive an answer!
Make it happen, dare to share!

Twikkers.com is a Dutch social network. Twikkers is not driven by greed and has a clear vision:

- No exploitation of your data

- No invitations for games, apps

- No spam in your mailbox

- YOU are and remain the owner of everything you post.

- No transfer of rights such as copyrights, image rights, etc

- Advertising only in the position on the right and certain pages

Twikkers distinguishes itself from other social networks on a number of important points:

- Tight interface

- Simple intuitive operation

- Simple privacy rules: your message is public, for friends and followers, or only for friends

- Personal help desk with ticket system

- Zero-hate, zero-tolerance policy

- Fast secured (https) web server in the Netherlands with high capacity

In addition to the standard functionality that you know from social networks, Twikkers also offers:

- Create public or private user groups with their own members, page and timeline

- Create a public page for yourself, a hobby, a company, etc.

- Paste direct YouTube, Vimeo and image links on your timeline

- No limit on use; upload unlimited images and create albums

- Multilingual interface

- Chat Box