This might seem to be a lot, but it is not impossible. History RS gold repeats itself, not just in the present universe, but also in this alternate one in which most of us have spent at the very least a few years in. It's also more reliable than any other fluctuation in trade at all. (Jagex is a risky choice in times of peril. For instance, in the wild.)

While I appreciate your questions however, they are not always answered quickly. However I will try to respond to your questions. Thank you for your time and if you wish to take on these price manipulators make sure you spread the word and form unions. I cannot be active for longer than a couple of minutes these days and therefore, I will not be in a position to take the lead in the fight, however, I do wish to impart this knowledge upon you all.

Some time back, a thread created. It was entitled "Skill caps: Are they destroying Runescape?" The thread was about weather skill caps that are increasingly controversial in Runescape.

Anyway, getting to the point. I was in a heated debate this morning with a level 77 who had an untrimmed flamemaking cape. Evidently, he'd earned all the money he needed (only around 5 million) to purchase 99 firemaking. After spending 3 and a half weeks straight burning wood for 99 firemaking the turd was rewarded with his untrimmed cape. Next he wanted to get 99 Fletching, the second most ridiculous excuse for an easy 99.

As I do when I'm bored, I was looking at the forums and wcing yews. I was talking to my friend about how I think FOR ME that the rune hatchet is faster than the dragon hatchet. She agreed to some extent and this clown thought that he could remark and call me an idiot for saying so. I spent hours timing and testing a dragon hatchet to cut yews. It has cost me countless hours. I've reached the conclusion that they are either exactly the same or that rune is a little quicker, not to mention two mil less expensive.

He argued for hours and told me that his 2 mil waste (not that it's a lot) was more efficient than mine. So I simply told him "lol okay buddy, you're thinking that". My friend and I continued cutting yews until he said the stupid statement of. "You're cheap OSRS gold an idiot. You don't even have 99's!"