Can’t decide on how to revamp your kitchen interior in a lavish yet cost-effective way? Well, luxe marble kitchen countertops can be a great addition to your décor. With a lucrative look and feel, marble designs can take your interior décor to the next level. Alongside that, one of the best parts about installing marble is you can choose from a wide range of options. Marble comes in different shades so that you don’t have to be stuck between the traditional black and white marble slabs. Something in between them like a greyish shade would be great for modern interiors.

Having a unique shade, grey marble countertops can also revamp your kitchen décor to the next level. But should you just invest in it like that? Let’s unravel some facts about grey marble counters in the following blog post.

Why should you think of investing in grey marble kitchen countertops

Most homeowners usually invest in traditional white marble slabs. Even the world-famous Greek pillars and ancient structures are also made of white marble. But when it comes to interior décors, marble designs have never been limited to the traditional white or black slabs. Marble comes in tonnes of colours; among them grey is one of the popular shades.

But should you invest in grey marble kitchen countertops? Here’re some points you must know,

i) Like the fellow black and white marble slabs, grey marble slabs are also durable. Though marble is delicate, they’re one of the strongest décor materials if properly maintained and sealed. Adding it to your kitchen counter can be a great choice. Being resistant to heat and fire, grey marble kitchen countertops are also a great choice for professional bakers.

ii) Unlike the traditional black or white colours, grey marble countertops boast a unique and captivating beauty that’s unmatched by other décor items. Having varying shades of grey colour and excellent veining patterns, grey marble kitchen countertops can include a sense of character and depth to your kitchen décor. They can even go well with traditional kitchen interiors.

iii) Grey marble slabs come with endless design possibilities for kitchen interiors. They can go well with various colour schemes, allowing a space of versatility to your kitchen décor, even with different materials. You can pair grey marble countertops with both neutral hues and vibrant colours to make them look like a centrepiece in your interior and boost the overall aesthetics of your interior.

Are there any drawbacks to installing grey marble kitchen countertops

Grey marble slabs come with a modern look and feel that can go well with modular kitchens. With the sleek appeal, they can fit with most shades and materials. But still, there’re some things you must check before investing in a grey marble kitchen countertop.

Here’re some of them,

i) One of the worst drawbacks of installing a grey marble countertop in your kitchen is its maintenance. Even though marble is a low-maintenance stone, it still requires regular care to last longer. Besides, they’re prone to etching when come into contact with something acidic like citrus fruits or vegetables. Alongside that, any spills like wine or coffee can ruin their appearance with stains. Also, you should avoid cutting fruits and vegetables directly on your grey marble counter to protect the surface from possible damage.

ii) Compared to the traditional white or black countertops, grey marble kitchen countertops are more expensive. Due to the rarity of the shades, they usually fall under the higher end of the price category. You need to spend about $50 - $200 per sq. ft. for grey marble slabs. Alongside that, the maintenance and installation costs of grey marble counters are also on a higher note.

iii) Like other marble slabs, you must seal your grey marble countertops at least once a year. If not sealed properly, grey marble slabs can develop scratches and stains. Because of the light shade, any scratch marks or stains would be visible on them.

Can’t decide if grey marble kitchen countertops would be a good choice for your modular kitchen or not? Well, they’re a great choice with their lush attire. We hope this blog can help you with it.

Author Bio: The Author is a natural stone expert. For years, he’s helped many people find the best marble kitchen countertops for their houses. Also, he’s written many articles and blog posts on the same.