Internet of things (IoT) is a rapidly growing and most adapted technology which makes our world as connected as possible i.e., one of the reasons for IoT Cloud Platform Market rapid growth. It establishes advanced connectivity amongst the devices, systems and people to automate every possible area. Environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, industrial applications, healthcare systems, home automation are a few sectors where IoT is being extensively used. IoT systems need IoT platform, which is a support software for connectivity. IoT platforms help to connect hardware, handle different communication protocols, provide security and authentication for devices and users, collect, visualize, and analyze data and integrate with other web services.

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Top Players of IoT Cloud Platform Market are Amazon Web Services, Google Inc., International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Microsoft Corporation, Inc., General Electric, PTC, SAP SE, Telit, Scinan IoT, Samsung, amongst others.

IoT device management is the process of authenticating, provisioning, configuring, monitoring and maintaining the device firmware and software that provides its functional capabilities. Effective device management is critical, to establish and maintain the health, connectivity, and security of IoT devices. IoT application vendors typically provide comprehensive device management with their solutions. The increasing number of IoT devices in industries such as healthcare has driven the IoT cloud platform market. However, increasing cases of confidential data leakage has cast doubts over cloud platforms security. This can prove to be an imminent threat in the widespread adoption of IoT cloud platforms. The emergence of small and medium businesses has been witnessed globally. These businesses opt for cloud platform to store their data in order to minimize their operation cost in terms of procurement and maintenance of storage devices. The IoT cloud platform providers can capitalize on this increasing demand from small and medium businesses.

The report provides both, qualitative and quantitative research of the IoT Cloud Platform Market, as well as provides strategic insights along with developments that are being adopted by the key contenders. The report also offers extensive research on the key players in this market and detailed insights on the competitiveness of these players. The key business strategies such as mergers and acquisition (M&A), affiliations, collaborations, and contracts adopted by the major players are also recognized and analyzed in the report. For each company, the report recognizes their manufacturing base, competitors, product type, application and specification, pricing, and gross margin.

IoT Cloud Platform Market:

By Type

  • Device Management
  • Connectivity Management
  • Application Enablement

By Application

  • Home Automation
  • Wearable Technology
  • Smart City
  • Industrial Automation
  • Connected Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Retail
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Connected Logistics
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America

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