Because the Sentinel system is more complicated, it has been modified a lot in the last season, allowing players to customize the use of skills in the events and encounters they play. This update adds 20 cornerstone nodes to Atlas, which can be deleted at will if you don’t like it.

So what are the highlights of the new Keystone nodes after the update?
Players can adjust the difficulty of the game according to their own preferences, such as making all enemies more solid, but the damage will be reduced. They can adjust the enemy to be easier to kill, but their damage will increase.

There are also nodes like Stream of Consciousness, which allows players to modify the map with shards, gives Atlas half the chance to provide players with content from past leagues in-game.

We all know that each update of Path of Exile is about giving players more stones to fight. Players can also enhance their gaming experience by Buy Exalted Orbs. From what I’ve seen in some game interfaces, this update adds a ‘bullet hell’ encounter design. Players are expected to spend most of their time in these new encounters, evading the new shooting modes.

You would get some new drops when you catch these bosses. If some new jewelry is acquired, they can insert it into the player’s passive skill to further modify it. Therefore, players can also prepare some POE PC Currency to improve their strength.