Nature, isn't the Star Ring a sacred vessel of the Yakuza? Is the power of the castle of death greater than the ring of stars? Lin Tiandao. "It's true that the Star Ring is a sacred vessel of the Yakuza," said Nature. "But didn't I tell you that the power of the Star Ring may not even be sent out by one in ten million? The Star Ring is now equivalent to an ordinary artifact. It's barely enough. It can be regarded as the best artifact. This is because the ability of the heart lock is very powerful. Otherwise, It is now equivalent to an ordinary top-grade artifact. The star ring appeared on Lin Tian's finger. Lin Tian stroked the star ring and said, "How can I enhance its power?" "It's very simple to get the approval of its spirit. If the spirit's approval of you is stronger, the power of the Star Ring will be stronger." The Way of Creation, "But with your present cultivation, I'm afraid it's not easy to get the recognition of the spirit. At least you have to be a saint. In the eyes of the Yakuza holy vessel, it's not a saint. It's not much different from a mole ant.". The last time he came out to help you, to be honest, I was a little surprised. The Way of Creation. You're right. If you can't reach the sage, I'm afraid you can't get the recognition of the star ring. But if you reach the sage, I don't know what year it was. Lin Tian sighed in his heart. Don't be discontented. Who dares to say that you can be a saint if you are sure? That is, you are so perverted in the law of time. Nature said, "Don't think about things that are too far away. Think about how to live first. If you die, everything will be over." "Well!" Lin Tian nodded and stood up. He knocked on the specific stone. Suddenly, the door of the secret room was opened. It was not his style to wait for death here. Since Carlo wanted to fight, let's fight. He didn't believe that he could catch Carlo's way in a very cautious situation. Coming out of the secret room, there was no one in the room. Lin Tian breathed a sigh of relief. If he met Carlo as soon as he came out, it would be unlucky. Last time he escaped from Carlo, Carlo was very angry. If he saw him, it would be strange if he didn't attack desperately! Although there is a Haoyue mirror, but with the strength of Carlo's attack, with all his strength, even if he does not die, I am afraid he will take off a layer of skin. If you kill me, your saint will die. You really dare to do it. Lin Tian muttered and dodged out of the room. For ten days, Lin Tian has become relatively unfamiliar with the outside world, although the layout of the fourteenth floor is very clear, but Carlo they are not clear where they are, this is a very fatal thing. Three of the five gods he controlled before were killed, and only two of them survived. How are things these days? Lord Caro, where are they? Lin Tian's voice sounded in the minds of the two gods. Before he began to recover in the Chamber of Secrets, he sent the two of them out of the room where they were staying, and gave them one more thing, to keep an eye on Carlo and their news as much as possible in a hidden situation. Lord, the people of the temple have not made any big moves these days. Lord Carlo, they are all near the treasure room. Lord, you should be more interested in the fact that Lord Carlo has issued a notice that whoever can open the treasure room and offer the treasures inside will get the position of guardian of the temple. One of the God level master way, another person's news is also similar to the previous one, but he said a little different, that is, 14 layers of people now have some, probably hundreds of people, each is a good strength of the master. Lin Tian frowned and said, ibc spill containment pallet ,ibc spill pallet, "Carlo, they are guarding the treasure room and there is no movement." "Yes, Lord." "Carlo, they have suffered so much, can they really bear it?" Lin Tian muttered. Are you sure that's Carol and them, and not someone else in disguise? Lin Tian suddenly remembered this and asked hurriedly. It should be. They give orders to other people. ” "It should be, but what if it isn't?!" Lin Tian frowned all of a sudden, the two god-level masters really made him a little dissatisfied, but Lin Tian thought carefully, in fact, can not blame them too much, after all, here is the castle of death, here, God can not be used, not everyone has extraordinary vision to recognize whether others have changed. These two gods can't be relied on, and Lin Tian knows that he still has to rely on himself. Even if Carlo and the others are not all in the treasure place, but it is estimated that at least one person still has, this treasure can not be taken ah. Lin Tianwei sighed. However, Lin Tian finally went to the location of the treasure, the most dangerous place, may be the safest place! Changed the appearance, Lin Tian is also generous to move forward, not evasive, so that sometimes it is not easy to be found, Lin Tian knows, Carlo their words, should not be so easy to find his changed appearance, after all, everyone's divine consciousness can not be used, that is, Lin Tian, his eyes are far beyond the average person. But it is also necessary to recognize the original shape of the changed person at a relatively close distance. Chapter 407 cultivation for promotion! Lin Tian was confident that before Carlo recognized him, he would not fail to recognize Carlo. If he was recognized unfortunately, he would run away. He believed that it would not be easy to keep him when Carlo was not prepared. Forward in a big way, but Lin Tian's eyes, or everything nearby is the income of the fundus, if there is something wrong, he will run away, treasure is important, but life is more important. All the way forward, a fierce beast is not met, but after walking a distance, Lin Tian is met with a God level guy! As soon as the guy saw Lin Tian, his face showed a tight look. Brother, relax. I mean no harm. Lin Tiandao, this man, he is not going to control. Hum,plastic pallet price, in this death castle, there are few people who have no malice. That God emperor class master sneer tunnel, and did not relax vigilance! "Where are you going?" Asked Lin Tian with a light smile. 。