First of all, let's not talk about the lighter itself, let me ask, what are the usage scenarios of plasma arc lighter? Many people will answer that it is definitely for smoking, but it belongs to the category of "entertainment". If it is in the category of life, it must be like the sandalwood incense that you want to concentrate on, or the candles lit on your birthday or a couple of times. Friends have a picnic and light a charcoal fire during the barbecue. These are all applications of plasma arc lighter, and the so-called rechargeable lighters that you normally buy are based on electric heating wires. It is possible to light cigarettes, but the latter scenarios are basically unsupportable. Why? It is because of the four words "not enough temperature", so if you want the light to be competent for life, especially in the scenes I just mentioned, high temperature is its first attribute.

Electric candle lighter with rechargeable battery rose gold

The plasma arc lighter provider Fukkuda recommended this plasma arc lighter, in order to ensure full scene adaptation, increase the ignition temperature, abandon the cheap electric heating wire, and choose the plasma arc ignition method with higher technology content but higher cost, regardless of whether Whether it is to light ordinary cigarettes or sandalwood, which is not easy to light, even lighting charcoal is an easy task, and the brilliant pink light of the plasma arc is independent of the magnificent color of the traditional flame, so that you can even take out a lighter and light it. One of the actions is also full of technology.

In addition to the high-tech ignition method, this lighter also adheres to high-end technology in detail. For example, the body material uses a lighter but more expensive aluminum alloy material, and the processing technology also abandons the traditional stamping process. The fuselage has the same CNC machining process, and in order to ensure wear resistance and a more beautiful texture, the surface chooses a non-electroplating process but an anodized double oxidation process, which not only gives the product a more advanced texture but also the gradual color matching also makes the light look better. Distinctive, eclectic, and distinctive.

In addition to the appearance details, this lighter also insists on real materials in some invisible locations. For example, in order to make the lights last longer, a large 220mAh battery is accommodated in a small body, which ensures that it can be used more than 100 times regularly use. In order to ensure the convenience of charging, the most common charging port is also used, so that you can charge it easily.

Therefore, to be able to achieve a high-temperature full scene, the sense of technology is sufficient, and the appearance is high, moral, and cool. The lighter recommended by plasma arc lighter provider Fukkuda is really powerful, and the price is not expensive. I will give it to you. A boyfriend is definitely an excellent choice.

Plasma arc lighter

Plasma arc lighters are not only tools but also accessories. With the development of society and technology, lighters must keep pace with the times. Only a safe and stylish lights can be favored by the public. The above are the applications of plasma arc lighter introduced by plasma arc lighter provider Fukkuda, please contact us to read more.