An active web guiding system is composed of a sensor, an actuator, and a controller. The web guide actuators are used for the fast response to the changes in the web edge position.

web guide actuator

How does the web guide actuator work

When the output of the sensor goes to a controller which outputs a movement command to the actuator, the actuator which moves the guide mechanism may be a stepper motor and ballscrew for smaller assemblies.

Specifications of web guide actuator

Power supply voltage: DC 24V

Maximum speed: 30mm/s

Maximum stroke: 150mm

Maximum thrust: 200KG.F

Back-off error: less than 0.001mm

Push load: 2000KG

Advantages of web guide actuator

1. It adopts Japan's Sanyo electric motor as the actuator, without carbon brush

2. Fully reliable and long service life, truly realize long-term maintenance-free during use

3. It has the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental-friendly

4. Adopting Taiwan precision ball screw with the smallest gap

5. Clearance and durability, so that the actuator has no backlash error.

6. Choosing from75-300mm stroke, 0.5T-10T thrust weight

7. Installation method has direct connection type and L type

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