Just outside the gazebo will be vendors that we could sell to make a wise choice We have a four slot bag that could aid us with the problem of inventory. let's go ahead and equip the belts with grips, even though it's junk there we go we could turn into the pair that has defeated all opposition to us. This is the fourth level. We also have to visit our trainer and meet our trainer Glory to the sindoor i What's the most important thing we'll need here now is to take the time to go through the gauntlets, then head back and talk to our trainer . Let's improve our four-level abilities and then head back out. So , the rope trainer's eternal son helps us to be blessed with might and judgments oh we're so broke in fact that we're unable to afford judgement I'm sure those few items we left behind could have contributed to the impact, but let's be aware of. bless a little bit out and give it that's still a 10 minute cooldown. We'll need to be on the lookout for that. What do you see can I offer these to you? Does that sound enough for you to consider it? I'd like to get judgment right now, if we can. That would be another thing to press , which is fantastic. Naria Shula. Alright, I'll put the information here. If you're watching these F keys, I'm not pressing these on my keyboard. Okay. I own a Logitech G 600 MMO mouse. And so I have 12 buttons, 9 of which I can press really easily with my thumb. A slight move from my hand. That's why all these functions keys that appear to be tied, I'm hitting these in reality mapped into my mouse. I'm not actually using the keyboard to do which would be absurd, but I can I can hit many of them on the keyboard. But I'm not sure. Okay, let's start over. This is going to be crucial. I don't really require this due to the fact that it's on a 30 minute cooldown. So I'm used to having it at the top of the bar, however, for the moment I'm going take it off. And we need to find an area to post up and also get some colors for the links. We should also sort of play around so that find items for selenium. It's a new beginning I would guess. Well, in such a situation the odds are not good for anyone to live for long, for certain.