But I don't usually push myself during the first night. I usually get a full night's rest. Get up early to take out my day the next day and we'll make a lot of progress probably in the coming days. And as far as like the sound of the pump in these videos , I try to make them sound better in the morning after recording so that they are as fresh as it can be for a recorded thing. Let's make these animals grab the belts. I'm happy to see that you're at minimum competent. I'll give you a second task since you're so keen to prove yourself. It is an email addressed to Lake Keeper qidenus, the Archivist who is responsible for the upkeep of North Sanctum go southwest of the falcon wing and square and you'll discover that we are able to leave this small area. Norio Shala, in addition to the constant threat the wretched pose, I also have to deal with all kinds of fictional reports about Night Elf sightings. Even though the majority of the reports are unsubstantiated the latest incident warrants additional investigation. The West Sanctum one of our main energy sources has experienced the worst malfunction and there are reports suggest that they are using NASCI and their attempts to sabotage our rabbit, travel there and deal with any person who appears suspicious, report it to Lake the keeper of Alinea who is in charge of the Sanctum you are on your toes. Now, we're getting things that could take us out of this tiny region here. I am going to take breaks here during the evening, I'm actually going to get onto a death night and play a bit of the dying night game. They will be the two playlists I am working on during our pre patch as well in working on some of the events prior to patching when they begin to introduce certain of our high-level characters. So yeah, thank you all for coming to the party. I really appreciate the support. If you did enjoy this video, I will really help me out if you leave a like and if you want to see more of this series or another subscribe to the channel. I'd love to be grateful. I would like to thank you very much for being here. I hope you're having fun with the fresh start too. I'd like to talk to you about if you are having your own experiences. Let me know what it's like and how you're navigating ways to improve your life. So until the next time, guys, take care of yourselves out there in the real world, and look after one another. And we'll see you back to this site very soon. We'll see you soon. On our website, p2pah.com, players can buy a variety of Wrath of the Lich King Services including powerleveling and accounts, as well as PvP as well as PvE Boost. Leveling as Undead Mage on the fresh WOTLK Classic PvP Skyfury Server - WOTLK News I have straps already in this area and today marks the day that I begin the wrath of Lich King's pre patch. Does it make sense to play On Skyfury, the Wrath Classic PvP Server Skyfury as Mage? We'll be playing on a fresh wrath of Lich King server called Sky Fury is a PvP server in North America and we will be playing as a Horde undead mage. So let's see how we want our mage to appear here begin with features such as having golden eyes. I love the iron jaw. Let's begin for a hairstyle here. and see if we can find some other options that are good. you can try hairstyles like the Sideshow Bob hairstyle it's not a bad one long hair can be completely hairless. I'm thinking of just going to stick with the Mohawk looks pretty cool, I'm thinking to pick the spikes Check out the hair color. We'll try to match your skin with the hue of a mage. I think it's blue, right? trying to mimic a blue style. If you want to buy MMoexp WoW Classic SoD Gold please visit https://www.mmoexp.com/Wow-classic-sod/Gold.html.