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Job related weakness
The job weakness assessment determines what weaknesses you might have when it comes to work and the stresses that a job causes. This assessment is only a tool that will help you identify which weaknesses you might have so that you can identify them and work on what possible weaknesses you might display. This assessment tests if you are Aggressive, Allow emotions to show, Anxious, Being impatient , Being straight forward, Being too helpful to others, Blunt, Bossy, Cant present or speak in public , Can’t solve problems, Cautious, Chaotic, Close minded, Control freak, Conventional, Covering for co-workers, Critical of others, Distracted, Does not like pressure, Don’t take risks, Easily bored, Expecting too much from others, Expressing too much with frustration with underperforming staff or colleagues, Extremely Extroverted, Extremely Introverted, Fearful, Focusing on small details, Focusing too much on details, Getting frustrated with poor performance colleagues, Greedy, Immature, Impatient, Impulsive, Indecisive, Indifferent, Insecurity, Intolerant, Lateness, Lazy, Leaving projects unfinished, Lethargic, Long term planning, Meeting deadlines Multi tasking too much, Needs to be right, No Confidence, No creative writing, No Creativity, No financial literacy, no follow ups , No long term planning, No multitasking, No organization , No time management, No writing skills, Not adapting quickly, Not being able to handle conflict, Not being able to speak up in meeting, Not being persistent, Not being spontaneous, Not delegating well, Overbearing, Passive, Perfectionist, Problem with confrontation, Procrastination, Providing too much detail in reports, Reluctant to delegate tasks, Self criticism , Selfish, Sensitive, Short sighted, Shy, Slow, Strict, Strong willed, Struggling under pressure, Stubborn, Take things personally, Takes on too much, Taking credit for group projects, Taking criticism to heart, Taking too much responsibility, Talking too much at once, Too detail oriented, Too easily internalizing the problems of clients, Too sensitive, Trouble with teams, Trying to please everyone, Unassertive, Uncompromising/Stubborn, Undisciplined, Unorganized, Verbosity, Working too many hours, Works too much.

Complete this assessment to determine your possible job related weaknesses and see where you need to work on yourself.

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Career management
Career Management is a life-long process of investing resources to accomplish your future career goals.
It is a continuing process that allows you to adapt to the changing demands of our dynamic economy.
The career management process embraces various concepts: self-assessment, goal and objective setting, alignment of objectives, market assessment, skill strengthening and action planning.

Let this product help you to do self assessment, goal and objective setting, alignment of objectives, market assessment, skills strengthening and action planning of your career.

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Choosing the right career
Choosing a career path is one of the most important choices we make.
It will determine if we are happy or unhappy in our work environment.
Save yourself time and effort and complete the career assessment form and determine what careers might suit you the best.

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