We are a networking company, selling education packages as a product, giving people free ownership rights, which entitle them to profit from the online gambling and gaming platforms. We get dividends, and can sell the rights with profits on the internal exchange if they increase in value. They are already rising, so it is important to get as many as possible. Every week on Wednesdays we have a claim button in our account, with which we can claim more, depending on our streamline level. We can also qualify for a monthly passive income if we build a team. You'll get unlimited bonuses anyway, but if we've received €50 in bonus, we'll also get into the network levels, and get a monthly gaming residual of €50.
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  • https://blog.crowd1.com/blog-post/johan-stael-von-holstein-challenges-swedish-media-outlets
    Johan Staël von Holstein challenges Swedish media outlets
    Johan Staël von Holstein was recently scrutinised for a Crowd1 review initiated by the Swedish Media outlets Breakit and Svenska Dagbladet. Crowd1 was portrayed and accused of being a scam, pyramid scheme and bluff. Here, Johan Staël von Holstein explains his vision, perspective and refutes the arguments proposed by the Swedish journalists. The article was originally published on it-finans in Swedish.
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  • “The less time you spend in other people's drama, the more time you'll have for your own success!”
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