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  • Unlike their stationary counterparts, portable hydrostatic test pumps are designed for on-the-go operation. They are typically:
    Lightweight and compact: Easily transported and maneuvered around work sites, especially in tight spaces.
    Powered by internal combustion engines or electric motors: Providing flexibility and independence from external power sources.
    Capable of generating high pressure: Matching or exceeding the operating pressure of various piping systems.
    Benefits Beyond Convenience:
    Beyond their inherent portability, these pumps offer several advantages:
    Safety: Eliminating the need for bulky power cables reduces trip hazards and potential electrical risks.
    Cost-Effectiveness: Reduced setup and transportation times translate to lower operational costs.
    Accessibility: They can reach remote or challenging locations inaccessible to larger, stationary pumps.
    Versatility: Suitable for testing a wide range of piping systems, from pipelines and fire sprinkler systems to boilers and pressure vessels.
    Portable Hydro Test Pump 20000W - Wingoil
    Portable chemical injection equipment is used for the injection of various chemical liquids. It uses an air-driven hydraulic pump as an injection power source to infinitely adjust the injection pressure and injection flow rate.
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  • In the intricate world of engineering and construction, ensuring the integrity of piping systems is paramount. This is where hydrostatic test pumps come into play, applying controlled pressure to simulate real-world operating conditions and identify potential weaknesses.
    Hydrostatic Test Pump Manufacturer | Wingoil
    WINGOIL uses advanced technology for Hydrostatic Pressure Test Pump, WINGOIL can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of test data and the safety and controllability of testing.
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