DK7720 EDM wire cutting machine
DK7720 EDM wire cutting machine

Worktable Travel(Mm):200*250
Worktable Size(Mm):490*380
Max. Cutting Thickness(Mm):200
Max. Load(Kg):100

Taizhou Ruite Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. produces whole series of DK77 CNC edm wire cutting machines,which adopts high precision V-shaped guide rail(Linear guide rail optional) and P3-grade high precison ball screw. The products have high quality, complete models, long service life and high precision. Machine specifications can be customized according to customer needs,like non-standard models DK7740(45)F, DK7750(55)F, DK7763F, DK7780F, DK77100F, DK77120F or even larger models.
The company also produces ±30°, ±45° swing large taper machines and CNC high-precision middle speed edm wire cutting machines (Precision≤±0.005mm, roughness≤1.0μm). The following are the main parameters of DK77 series machines:
1.Standard maximum cutting taper:±6°/80mm;(±15°,±30°,±45° are optional)
2.Precision ≤ 0.02mm,according to GB7926-2005 standard;(If linear guide equipped, the precision can reach 0.01mm)
3.Best surface roughness ≤ Ra2.5μm(single-cut),Ra1.5μm(multi-cut);
4.Molybdenum wire diameter:0.1-0.2mm;
5.Max. cutting speed≥120mm^2/min;
6.Voltage:3 phase 380V(single phase 220V,3 phase 220V or other voltage can be customized),Power:1.5KW;
7.Working fluid:Water-based emulsion.
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