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Dynzol Restaurant POS Software is a versatile solution for restaurant operations. It's designed to work seamlessly as a computer application or a web-based system. Developed using PHP and the CodeIgniter framework, it includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files. This software is compatible with a range of browsers, including IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. It simplifies and automates restaurant management tasks, and you don't need coding skills to use it.
Admin Panel
Employee Panel
Categories Management
Products Management
Restaurants Management
Table Management
Orders Management
View Total Earnings, Paid and Unpaid Bills
View Monthly Reports
Print Invoice
Profit/Loss Report
Manage Company Information
View and Update Profile
Advanced Search
User Groups Management
Users Management
Users Roles Based Access
24/7 Support
30 Days Free Support
Our products are Easy Installation & Configuration
Our Codes are reusability
Our products are Safe & Secure

Visit Our Dynzol Restaurant POS Software - https://www.scriptzol.com/restaurant-pos-software

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