Ever wished you could be in a business where you can earn residual income💲💲💲 and not have to build a team, recruit or advertise⁉️
Well I am excited to share this with you because I believe that you will be, as amazed as I was. ✅💚🤩
I joined Onpassive as a founding member because of the phenomenal business opportunity. They are not an MLM or network marketing company ‼️ Onpassive is a Global IT company 🌍 driven by the latest Artificial intelligence technology and machine learning.
They will achieve in excess of $1 Billion turnover soon after launch, due to the number of founding members who have already joined and this will make them a Unicorn company. 🦄‼️💚
Never seen before and never done before ✅
You pay once to secure your founding member position with OnPassive for just $97 before the soft launch and then the price will increase to $149 during this period - so act fast to secure the best price now ✅
We all become customers and resellers of the OnPassive IT product once we launch, this will happen before the end of the year ✅
The company will drive traffic to you to build your team and you never have to advertise, ever ✅
Onpassive will run massive marketing campaigns for you at no extra cost ✅
They will automatically upgrade you at no extra cost ✅
We will all get a 7-day free trial before choosing our package level which starts at $25 - $500✅
One time payment and then you never need to worry about it again✅
Once out of pocket and the rest out of PROFIT💲💲💲 This means that you will never need to worry about the monthly subscriptions as the company has a system that allows them to deduct the next month's subscription from our commissions earned ✅ - this is unheard of‼️😎
Onpassive will have every tool you will ever need to be a success in business✅
They will cater for individuals, corporates, governments and large enterprises✅
All done for you Set & Forget✅
Residual income for life which just keeps growing✅
Watch the webinar and presentation for Onpassive and become a founder today
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch the videos I uploaded about the business https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiRTash8RvspOuTp8GlxJqA✅
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Download the ebook in your preferred language https://customsplashpages.net/page/5273/alliance prime ✅
Thank you for taking the time to review this opportunity that will undoubtedly change your life and those you love and care for 💕
Nothing can compare
Happy to answer your questions.
Thanks and stay safe,

Ellie Bezuidenhout
Founding Member
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