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Custom-made Flange Parts - CNC Turning and Milling Parts
Flange Parts are important joining function parts, which used in many important connection joint of devices and machinery. It normally connect pipe system with other equipment, valves, etc. while offering reliable connection effect and allows dismissing and changing to improve updating of the joint connection.
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CNC Turning Shaft - CNC Turning Parts - CNC Turning Service
Turning shaft is normally made of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum or plastic materials. The material of turning shaft are chosen according to the function of the product. Shaft is a fixing center for rotating action of the product, which is key component for positioning and stability of product.
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Custom-made Brass Pipe Fittings - CNC Machining Brass Parts - CNC Turning and Milling Parts
Brass Pipe Fittings are common connector for devices and products, it is made of brass material by CNC machining process or forging process. Brass is one of the most important material for CNC machining parts. Due to brass material features of durable and non-rust and resilient soft and enough strength, it is most suitable to produce as fitting parts.
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Chemical Engineering Assignment Help
Are you facing any problems with a Chemical Engineering assignment? Do you need any assistance? We have highly qualified Engineering tutors who can provide you with Chemical EngineeringAssignment Help. Our online tutors have many years of industry experience and have had years of experience providing Assignment help. Please do send us a request for the study or topic on which you need Chemical Engineering Assignment Help, and we will forward them to our tutors for review.